Ambush at Chernorechye

In autumn 1995, Chechnya has conditionally under the control of federal forces. Conventionally, as though the troops and were dispersed throughout its territory, but the actual number of attacks on military units only increased. Many settlements were under the control of the hidden or open separatists. The units of the loss suffered from the bombings, shootings, ambushes, but effective strategy for countering guerrilla fighters could not provide.

Gunmen suddenly appeared and held their shares at a bandit does not have time to respond to their military impunity and dissolved in a faceless mass of civilians. In this situation, the 173rd special forces detachment received an order for combat search and ambushes. In this area of their holding was listed all Chechen Republic. Detachment commander Lt. Col. Mokrov summoned all the commanders at the meeting and brought the order, then listened to our suggestions. We already knew the approximate method of operation in such cases. It was simple: the days of examining possible routes of militants NIGHT MODE exhibited an ambush.

Commander of the flight has never limited our imagination, if he did not go beyond the bounds of reasonable risk. Because all proposals were considered and, usually in the army, the founders were the performers. My company has dropped out to work in the districts of severity.
On the one hand, the city is a magnet for militants. However, the density of the civilian population, saturation different power structures here are much higher than elsewhere. All this makes the difficulty in recognizing the rebels, and the error in the ambush site will cost dearly.

I had to start with the study plan of austerity. Quite a detailed plan and a map of Chechnya have been, but with the designation of the location of all the federal units was the problem. If the items deployment units of the Ministry of Defence, we knew that the Interior Ministry's own base sites, roadblocks and secrets are not reported. Had izderzhat week on the ride through the town and applying tactical situation on the map. But now we are well oriented in the severity and the approaches to it. It remained to analyze the placement of parts and find the rounds in the city that are not controlled by the federal forces. There were eight. It took another three day or the fact, that day or drive on them. Three of the eight had to fold due to lack of ability to travel, the remaining 5 is fully suited for an ambush.

Brand new strategy

For action in the new criteria needed brand new training. Militants had accomplices in the ranks of the Chechen police, who provided all possible assistance and support. From time to time came to open armed confrontation. In this case, it must rapidly work out an ambush, here to collect trophies gun, documents and leave. Afghan expect to practice in the morning, and with the dawn of the night to perform inspection of the results of action, pulling aircraft and armor in this case did not fit. Because of the method was followed: put a few mines for acts MON-50, MON-100 or MON-200, and a stop in the alleged ambush object OZM-72 mines.

The object of the ambush could be a single passenger or truck. The mines are given in action electronic method. After the explosion was carried out shelling out a silent weapon, blocking and controlling the actions of the enemy with an immediate inspection of the following. The defeat of all kinds of weapons intended solely in the event of failure silent fire. In such a sequence opponent or law enforcement officers to arrive on the scene, izderzhut some time before will determine that it was specifically ambuscade, rather than undermining a mine. This is quite enough to keep the wire ambushed a group retreated to harmless distance.

In preparation for the ambush shift towards the development of skills frisky performances and masking min. Were made special camouflage billet wire frame covered with camouflage net, to which was attached simply does not matter what kind of vegetation. Fighters trained in the production of frisky min collective action. This is when one prepares a place, another mine, the third line unwinds and masks, others provide them security. It was necessary to do very quickly and secretly. Trained old days, then NIGHT MODE without lighting devices. When the fighters could deploy mine in a minute ambush, and with all this case extends along the side of the person visually could not find it, down to practical working out ambushes. Between the location of the detachment and the road to the Argun was a big bat. There armored personnel carrier hauled skeleton broken light vehicles, which portrayed the enemy machine and it worked through the practical effect of mines and small arms fire guns.

It looked then: a group occupied a contingent fighting positions in the backbone of the machine possessed paper targets. The group then put mining mines, others worked to protect their actions. From time to time to give input about the sudden appearance of people and enemy vehicles. Miners at all it had to disguise themselves.

The commander on the radio to command the undermining of mines and firing silent weapon. After the cease-fire nominated sub-block and support the actions of those who carried out the inspection. Simulated a fire and all the facilities with the following departure. It was all very real. Mines undermined the true, the good of their flaws were not. Shooting also was carried live ammunition. From time to time, put the target in the dead zones, they portrayed the militants hiding there, according to him were consuming sub-block and examination subgroup. A total of mine and fire impact on the number of holes tested targets in the skeleton and cars.
Unfortunately, after a few sessions skeleton was like a sieve, and were restricted to only plug-in targets. Now all the men had excellent staging min, determined the direction of flight of the fragments had a "sense of the explosion" (the concept of his strength, non-hazardous disposal and a safe haven). It remained to translate the results of activities in practice.

Ambush impromptu

Every night, the group went to the ambush squad. On the second day of success headed for the first company. Its fighters shot down a pair of "spirits" in the foothills. By the end of the Week honors third company, destroying the "Gazelle" with ammunition in Argun. Our result was not. Or pinpoint our ambush, militants or not driving in harsh nights. People are tired from lack of sleep and cold. They needed a rest. Almost all the likely routes of militants have been worked out. There was one that we did not find promising. Faster to clean conscience, than in the hope up I decided on Saturday to go to the contractors on the ambush in order to work well.

It was on the outskirts of Chernorechye. District was considered deficient. There was a need to go through the city that could not go unnoticed, vpribavok place ambush was only two hundred meters from the checkpoint, the Interior Ministry, which no men will not tell you that we will work with them.

At that time it was getting dark early, was a drizzling rain that turned the war shattered roads of the town in a dirty mess. We left at 2-BTR-80, at about 6 pm. The city was full of cars and people hurrying home. Until we got Chernorechye in tight traffic in front of the roadblock left to right, and then on the street, running parallel to the main road and ends with a dirt trail. Where the street ends and begins a side road, We moved out to the mound in forest plantations, deciding to wait a couple of hours. It was a suburb, but there are also strolling pedestrians and drove the rarest cars. Apart armored vehicles so that you can quick
ly go on the road and for all that they could not see, we killed the engine. Putting observers in the roadway and outposts, are expected to complete silence. About half an hour all the movement has ended. I decided to be sure to wait a half an hour and only then advance on foot to the place of ambush and begin laying mines.

Place for an ambush was not very successful. 100 meters across the road makes a sharp turn, she herself was on the mound, and the places around were swamped. We were in the mud, unpleasant squish under the shoes. A little further brook. The group was below the road was awkward positions and places to hide. In case of return fire waste stream obstructed.

Suddenly, from the observer received the report of an impending "UAZ", which moved to the lights turned off. Soon he braked and came out of it, people began to unload something.

After a while, "UAZ" again moved forward. We hid. There was a silence, which broke the sound of an approaching engine. "UAZ" slowly drove past us a couple of times he shone a flashlight on the sides of the curb. Fortunately, not our way. After a moment he switched lights promptly drove in working towards.

Observers were again in place. Followed by a report: people from "UAZ" loaded gun!

Time for a company ambush there, so we decided to take a chance. Observers were ordered when approaching cars to block the road, hold everyone who was in the car, and the resistance of the kill.

Refine puzzle was no time, all rushed to the road.

We hardly had time to run to the curb, as the headlights "UAZ" stung by disgusted.

Subgroup "Pepsi" jumped out onto the road, and contract Sych, Idaitov Spring and sent to the machine guns. Idaitov ordered a gesture of the brakes.

The machine is initially added gas, but the soldiers raised their weapons and unequivocally directed it right into the windshield. Then the "UAZ" took the side and skidded to a halt just in front of a subgroup of "Sprite".

From the right side door popped thriller with a gun and tried to open fire. Immediately sounded claps AKMS with PBSom. This shot Owl with Idaitovym. Action here fell by the wayside. At the same moment of the left rear door jumped another thug, but he did not have time to do anything, struck a clear shot to the head. Unfortunately, one of the bandits had gone all the same, jumping out of the right rear door. He rushed to the mound and disappeared into the darkness. Vosled he opened fire, but it quickly disappeared in the dead zone for the bulk. At this time, the brothers Vetochkiny with Inyatkinym pulled the driver. It is rapidly bound with duct tape.

Militants dragged to an APC, in addition, it was decided as a trophy to take home with them and "UAZ".

I was worried that eloped in the dark thriller opens fire on us, and wanted to leave as soon as possible place ambush. APCs but, unfortunately, stuck in the mud and did not want to leave the mound. This was possible only with the third or fourth trial. I will not delineate those pesky minute, seem like an eternity. Motors APCs wake the whole neighborhood and could intrigue as fighters and police officers from the checkpoint. Fortunately, we were lucky again, and, taking the trophy "UAZ", we left the place of ambush. After half an hour away on the night of severity, which is perhaps the only one and we moved at this time of day, the group safely to Khankala.

The results of the ambush

The result of our ambushes were captured "UAZ", Akmal and two machine "dogs", a box of Nursi and home-made device for firing them, killed two militants and one occupied. One gunman escaped.

We captured the "spirit" here we were taken to the headquarters of the group, which is long and enthusiastically inquired. I do not know the truth, or he had not really valuable information. At least, we work received information from him was not necessary. Targeted work (when militants detained in houses) Army Special Forces did not keep, well, do not remember that in the first Chechen generally someone to do it.

Intelligence has recognized our successful actions and strategies of search and ambush effective. We have learned to work in the new criteria themselves.

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