An original way to live better


One priest, studying the day-to-day behavior and actions of people, concluded confirmed by other sources: our words and thoughts clearly influence our actions. He checked that if a person within 21 days does not complain about your life, do not criticize, do not gossip and do not express dissatisfaction with others — his life changes for the better. He also developed his own method, the effectiveness of which has already been confirmed by other

Name of the priest Will Bowen. He offered to all who wish to change their lives for the better wear a regular bracelet purple and for the next 21 days to live without complaint, criticism, gossip and grudges.

If during these days people forget and say "forbidden" words, he had to outweigh the bracelet from one hand to the other and start anew report days. Continue as long as the band did not last long on the one hand and 21 consecutive day. The effect of such an experiment exceeds all expectations!

People who have gone through this program have changed beyond recognition. This did not go unnoticed and have their friends and family connected to this experiment, clothed itself bracelet and invariably changed for the better.

Why is such a simple method as life without complaint as effective?
First, the important is the attitude. Since the moment of waking you know that you can not talk about the negative, and the best way to do this — start to notice the positive in themselves, the people around you and the world.

Second, increases self-control over himself, his thoughts and what you say, but it is very important for any person. Now you're just learning, but every day you will become aware of that.

Third, during this experiment, you will learn a great deal about themselves, about their thinking and way of life.
Everything seems to be aware of the power of positive thinking, but the complaints of dissatisfaction with life and for some reason does not become smaller.
Try it, and suddenly it really helps!

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