Anatoly Ivashchenko of the top 5 books for Belarusian servicemen


Franz Kushel. Attempts to create the Belarusian army.

Minsk, "the Belarusian Historical Review", 1999

This book, which included the publication of memoirs and the creator of the Belarusian Defense Regional General Kushel, I believe, is needed to read each of the Belarusian military — from the ordinary to the supreme commander. The tragic and terrible, but at the same time and sublimely heroic pages from the First and above all, the second world war described vzvazhlivym pen master military affairs, with all possible for a man of his position degree of objectivity abstragavanastsi yes.

Soldiers, and even more so — the officer must have a good and preferably not hesitate to carry out the orders management. But what to do, if these zmyanyayuchyya each other, manuals do not match your understanding of the Belarusian State? Franz Kushel and his colleagues with his life proved that no matter what, and who would be in a specific historical moment nor at the helm of the country — to defend its national interest, listen to the heart and conscience.

It is clear that collaboration — both politicians and the military, and writers — in our society is controversial. Those who are now in the neighboring countries as they honor the heroes we have, according to the official Soviet version — entirely traitors and policemen.

Time to open their eyes to their history and to their nekananizavanyh fighters, the more that it now has all the features.

Vitbich Yuri (Yuri Stukalich). Anti-Bolshevik uprising and guerrilla warfare.

New York City, "the Belarusian Institute of Science and Art", 1996

This scientific and romantic work was written in the early 1950s, direct witness and even party to some of the events described. At the same time as the previous writer Yuri Vitbich tries to avoid bias or idealization in the supply of facts. The main sources of the researcher — interviews, correspondence, living testimony of participants and witnesses of anti-Bolshevik struggle in Belarus (the author gives details about fifteen different scale uprisings).

Of particular interest is the section "The most famous partisans," which has, among others, subtitled "Folk legends" and written by a man litaratarskimi undoubted abilities. It also includes a small and spevnik soldier-partisan songs.

Farewell, my native land and the union,
Goodbye you, meadows and drive!
I go away for the last time
Under the banner of the glorious Chases!
Maybe I'll go somewhere in the distance
Under gruddyu sky with white clouds —
There will thousands of land
Under the banner of the white-red-white!

Vasil Bykov. Afghan. Complete Works, Volume 1.

Of course, not only the historical publications read by the military alone.

Among the masterpieces of Vasil Bykov, my choice fell on the "Afghans", because this is a rare story of modernity Bykov (second Bykovskaya story entirely dedicated to the day today — "Wolf Creek"). When that work was being written is a little out of context, it is strikingly coherent, tightly-record images of the late 1990s.

In the center of the story — the former "Afghan", was awarded the medal, just like his father during the Great Patriotic War. I will not retell the story, but the "tie" works as follows. The hero wakes up in his garage (which is forced to live after his wife of infidelity, and where lives a few months, selling cars through the loss of a job, with a broken kidney after accidentally visited the meeting and, indeed, after a failed suicide attempt), that's just wakes up and decides that the only out for him — to kill himself …

Tale of using the language marchandayzingu, made a very "good." She was made in the best traditions of the genre, holds and does not release from the first page to the last. Although military operations as those in the "Afghans" does not occur, it is also a product of the war. On the internal war that everyone is carrying. About that same existential choice — accept it, sit in a rut or try to perform an action … Final "Afghans" pessimistic. Otherwise, the author would break so important to the whole truth of his work life. But times are changing and who knows what choice — Fisher or Sotnikov — will present "Afghan" in such a situation? At least if read Bykov, the stories and the final will be different.

Russian-Belarusian dictionary for military

/ N. Krivko, VV Pulko, VK Romantsevich, SE Tanana, ed. VV Yazepchika, N. Krivko /. Minsk, "BelEn", 1996

Yes, here we find "quick march", "Attention" and "line up" (instead of these teams dictionary offers awkwardly trace "quick march", "Smyrna," and "line up", and on Russia's "build!" Does not characteristic.) But the number of lexical items in the dictionary twice for the same, made by Stanislav Sudnik. And its circulation — ten thousand. publication is significant as a precedent. were significant (and probably is) among the military leadership indifferent to belarushchyny . Those who are sick, and maybe in the shower and ashamed of what is happening with the state language. For those who today swears homeland in Belarusian, unity. However, under favorable conditions, the army actually the first to go to his home. All you need is an order.

Semen liver. In the Belarusian army.

Vilnius, "Institute belorusistiki", 2007

Spakoynasts impressed and vzvazhanasts overall tone of the narrator. He really tries to understand why there is so much as it is. There is no palitzhavneravskaga Trenas nor swagger like "who did not serve — he is not a kid." Rightly writes in the preface to the book Sergei Balakhonov, "the author in any case not exaggerating, but even more so do not pour dirt on our army. He tries be possible more objective and reflect the different sides of a soldier's life. "

In addition, the book demonstrates the truly rare Belarusian look at the status quo in our present army and, of course, will be very useful to its intended destination — ie, conscript, should make additional copies and distribute its supreme command. Of course, along with the rest of our editions of the Pentateuch.

Amuse themselves with the hope that those who listen to "Freedom" from the professional debt, it will want to read some of our rankings. This time for yourself.


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