And to find an alternative, and Russia to tickle nerves

The harder frosts, the more gas consuming boilers, power plants and businesses. At current colds save fuel extremely difficult. Under these conditions, Belarusian officials are trying to negotiate the best pre-conditions for the supply of gas from Russia. In Moscow talks with the leadership of "Gazprom" leads the government delegation headed by First Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko.

In contrast to previous years, Belarusian negotiators did not wait for the New Year's bells ringing. But the position of "Gazprom" is still adamant: Belarusian arguments as to what the next year to keep the gas price for Belarus at the level of 2010, will not be accepted. At Gazprom's website reported that during the talks, the group Alexey Miller and first deputy chairman of the Belarusian Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko stated unequivocally: the price will be determined by the formula in accordance with the contract. Keep it at the level of 2010, as urged the Belarusian side, there is no reason.

In 2010, the average price of Russian gas for Belarus make 187 dollars per thousand cubic meters. Since the beginning of 2011 it will grow to at least $ 210, though earlier in "Gazprom" and voiced figure of $ 250. Seeing his deputy to Moscow, the Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky spoke of the need to find alternative sources of raw materials. Moreover, in his view, the threat of the loss of the Belarusian market should make the management of "Gazprom" to keep at least the old prices:

Sergei Sidorsky

"Many countries in the European Union have insured delivery from possible adverse effects and went on spot deliveries of gas, including liquefied gas. Such gas supplies from Qatar, Algeria today is much cheaper for the price of gas, which was formed before the global financial crisis. Therefore, our position is just that, and that for Belarus was revised gas prices. And we expect that prices can be maintained at the 2010 level. "

About gas relations between Belarus and Russia recently in the extended version of the interview with Alexander Lukashenko wrote to the French newspaper "Le Figaro". According to Lukashenko, now Russia is using gas as a weapon, as a means of blackmail. But if Moscow offers gas at $ 200 per thousand cubic meters, the same fuel in France takes on Norway and Qatar $ 150. In other words, the suppliers in the world enough, and the Belarusian leader sees no reason not to use the scheme, already tested by others.

The contract between "Gazprom" and "Beltransgaz" to 2011 provides that during 2008-2010 for Belarus has a reduction factor to the price of gas, but from next year Minsk should reach the level of prices that ensure equal profitability with supplies to Europe. Bereavement preferences will cost billions of dollars Belarusian budget. And if through 2010, partly covered expenses from the sale of 50% shares of the Russians "Beltransgaz" for $ 2.5 billion, and now have to re-breaks loans.

Crisis Manager Mieczyslaw Burak believes that the Belarusian leadership in such circumstances need to make solid conclusions. First, learn to negotiate with partners, so as to obtain raw material independence from Russia after years parazytavannya almost impossible. Second, the last start upgrading industrial complex, as morally and physically obsolete giants unnecessarily consume that amount of gas:

all the plants are old, eat a lot of gas …

"Simply put, we have all the plants are old, eat a lot of gas. Need upgrading, although in principle they have long had to bulldoze or build anew. So it was necessary to state the problem: what to do with them? But this is not an easy task so nothing Lukashenko did not. Maybe you remember his interview in which he said, you say, do not want to adjustment, so I did not do. So you chose the one condition: if you are so smart, then at least 15 years could be put in order. But it seems that we are ourselves and we will pay the price for such a policy. Now everything is done at the level of a village economy. On the other hand, Moscow and set up very strongly, there is a political showdown. Lukashenko feels that he was in danger, and starts behaving completely inappropriately. Did normal people can behave like this on TV and then decide questions? Every sober man sees: Lukashenko is just not able to deal with such important tasks. "

In such circumstances, Alexander Lukashenko increasingly looks to the remote area. In the middle of the year there was talk of the need to build in Lithuania LNG terminal for Belarus. The other day, while receiving a delegation of the oil company of Azerbaijan, he expressed his willingness to acquire it liquefied natural gas by building a plant in Belarus razvadkavanni him: "This is a much better deal than buying from" Gazprom ", despite the long road of delivery" — concluded Lukashenko.

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