Andrei Sannikov require a second round of presidential elections

According to the Company's Sannikov, justified the worst predictions of the situation in Belarus after the election. He draws attention the economic crisis and is of the opinion that the failure of the regime to control Belarus has been evident for a long time and today is manifested in all its harmful effects.
As a presidential candidate in the elections 2010 Sannikov says it does not recognize its results and considers them fraudulent.

According to Sannikov, voting results indicate that the first round did not show the winner of the elections. "Lukashenko is necessary to recognize that the 19 December 2010 , he did not get needed to win 50% of the vote, "- said Sannikov.

The former candidate recalls that the CEC has called it the second by the number of votes. On this occasion, it requires a second round of presidential elections under international supervision — the website Charter 97.

Andrei Sannikov was sentenced to five years in maximum security prison for a protest on December 19.

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