Andrei Sannikov spoke to his alma mater

Approximately 500 people attended a meeting with presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, November 29 in Minsk State Linguistic University, the politician who once finished.

Together with Sannikov voters interviewed the editor of the website "Charter'97" Natalia Radin and the first leader of independent Belarus Stanislav Shushkevich.

As noted during the meeting Sannikov, the Soviet Union had more freedom than in Belarus. In 1996, he said, Alexander Lukashenko usurped power, but today, "there is a unique chance to make a free country, and this is a chance for each person."

Sannikov stressed that the country's external debt reached 25 billion dollars, and the gold reserves of only $ 5 billion.

The politician spoke out against the lustration law, saying that will restore an independent judiciary in Belarus. He also called for the abolition of the death penalty.

Sannikov said that elections, scheduled for December 19, will not be free and fair. On He said, people can and should choose the government. The politician urged all those present to leave on December 19 at 20.00 on October Square to defend their choice or to celebrate the victory.

Presidential candidate answered questions from students and faculty.


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