Ann Eplbavm: WikiLeaks hit the parole

Start publishing confidential diplomatic correspondence between the U.S. State Department and U.S. diplomatic missions on WikiLeaks caused Levinov commentary in the world press.

Famous American publitsystka Ann Eplbavm in today's edition of the Washington Post writes that really new in the publication of WikiLeaks is not the information contained in those documents, and the language in which this information is available.

According Eplbavm, after published by WikiLeaks diplomats will be much more cautious in his statements, both public and confidential, knowing that at any point in their negotiations may be published in tomorrow's newspaper.

"It seems that in the name of" freedom of speech "was dealt another blow parole. More arguments were given into the hands of those who prefer a more cautious, more political correctness and greater hypocrisy" — concludes Eplbavm.

In his commentary on the latest WikiLeaks publication But Fouad, expert on relations between Islam and politics, said in a Wall Street Journal:

"In a world where secrecy given importance, Mr Assange has long been put to trial. Country where he was born and where he became a citizen, would punish him, he would be denied asylum in all a decent place, but U.S. intelligence if it was worthy of the name, would have found it and gave it to justice. But we do not play by these rules, but because those who like to snoop and look for all sorts of weird things have gotten a bit of fun. Mr. Assange has given all of us to feel the thrill experienced by man, if peeks behind the curtain. "

The comment in Financial Times draws attention to the following:

"Although the publication of high-quality gossip and hurt the feelings of many, in fact, she points rutynny material diplomatic dispatches. Nobody should be surprised that U.S. diplomats at the United Nations gather information about employees of the organization. All the others are doing something similar. But the disclosure of these documents, certainly harm U.S. interests. administration of Barack Obama will be more difficult to make friends and influence people. Publication alarmed opponents, and they will now use this evidence dvudushnastsi United States. "

Or, most recently, of WikiLeaks can spoil the US-Russian relations? Moscow correspondent of the Washington-based bimonthly Foreign Policy considers it unlikely such a turn of events:

"We do not know, for example, is nothing new or specific about the division of powers between Medvedev and Putin in the Kremlin at the White House about health Medvedev in tandem or his ambitions for the future and that if they were interested in someone. Taking attention to the banality of the disclosed documents, the Russians will likely respond that they do best: cleanings. "We will make internal findings, — the deputy of the State Duma Sergei Markov. — Most likely, dispatch will be considered for the one who was too honest with the Americans, and several heads of department or deputy ministers will be fired. "

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