Apollo — giperboreets?

The existence of Hyperborea educated folks we know from Greek sources. Who did not see the antique maps, where the north-eastern part of Europe, in Latin, written the name of the legendary country. A child who does not remember the stories about the exploits of Hercules, one of which was to get the magic apples from Hyperborean land. Who has not read about the journey of the Argonauts for the Golden Fleece, which was attended by Hyperboreans Zeta and Kalaida.

Of course, these references — just the tip of the iceberg, only a small, insignificant part of the knowledge of the ancient earth, which had been on the outskirts of the Greek ecumene. Full review of the ancient sources on this topic can be found in the prominent Russian scientist A.F.Loseva "Mythology of the Greeks and Romans," M.1996 (s.462-487). Losev wrote that the myth of the Hyperboreans was the ancient Greeks' immense popularity. " According to him, ancient literature "literally riddled with all sorts of references to Hyperboreans." Information about them and we find these ancient authors such as Homer and Hesiod, and the classics of antiquity — Plato, Aristotle, Pindar, Herodotus, and the thinkers of the late Hellenistic — Porphyry, Iamblichus, Proclus. In Hecataeus Abderskogo, who lived in the 4th century BC, is a treatise "On the Hyperboreans", which became the source of later authors who have written on this subject — for Diadora, Mel, Eliana, Pliny the Elder.

What Greek authors tell us?

Giving the particulars and detyalyah very contradictory, many of them agree that the Hyperboreans — it fans the god Apollo. "They themselves are, as it were by some priests of Apollo" (Diodorus), "They had a custom of sending the firstfruits to Delos Apollo, whom they especially revere" (Pliny). "Rod Hyperboreans and honoring their Apollo sing not only poets, but writers" (Eliane). Gesihy reports that "Hyperboreans revered firmament" sacrifice "not under the roof, and under the open sky." In the correctness of this information can be no doubt, for the cult of the temple of Apollo on the island of Delos and at Delphi, where the Hyperboreans sent their gifts "to the sound of flutes, Searing and cittern," was known to all the inhabitants of Greece (Fig. photos of the temple of Apollo at Delos) .

Messages about the origin of the priests, who brought the south of Europe the cult of Apollo, is not unanimous. Hecataeus believed that the Hyperboreans lived in a kind of island, the size of "not less than Sicily," which is "the opposite of land of the Celts." It is located in the north, as it is located outside of Boreas.

Boreas Greeks called the cold north wind, as opposed to note — the moist winds from the south and Zephyr — a gentle wind from the west. All of them, according to mythology, considered siblings born to his father stars — Astrea and his wife, the goddess of the dawn — Eos. Boreyu devoted following Orphic hymn:

Moving air strata world his breath,
About freezing Boreas, appear as the snow from Thrace,
Vlazhnodorozhnogo break the stillness of the sky solid!
Dunuv the clouds, to develop on and off the overclocking dozhderodits,
Giving clear weather, so joyful eyes ether
Sun rays lighted on the ground, shining and warming!

("Ancient Hymns", M.1988, p. 260 per. O.V.Smyki). From the hymn is clear that the Northwind came to Greece from the north-east, for "snowy Thrace" extended from the Carpathians to the Aegean Sea and the Black Sea to the River Aksy (Vardar), originating in the territory of Macedonia. There, beyond the Ister (Danube) from east to west stretched Riphean Mountains (see map Hecataeus and Hesiod).

Pliny utverzhadet that Hyperboreans live Riphean Mountains (various authors have placed them in various places ecumene from Alpine peaks to the Ural Mountains). "It is believed that there are loops of the world and the extreme limits of handling bodies. The sun is shining there for half a year and this is just one day. " "The light back there once a year, during the summer solstice, and come only with winter." Aelian also mentions Riphean Mountains associated with the cult of Apollo that the priests there at the scheduled time arrives priestly flock of swans. Diadora and Aristotle suggest Hyperborea as homeland bogigi Leto (Lato), the mother of Apollo and Artemis, are the focus of our article "Native Gods" (page XX).

Generalizing these conflicting reports, as well as other, more fantastic legend, father geographer Strabo concluded that the ancient authors' called Hyperboreans, Sauromates Ahriman and all who lived above the Euxine Pontus, Istria and the Adriatic Sea ", ie the population of the north-eastern Europe.

It is important to note that the Hyperboreans were a mythical ancient Greeks people, and quite specific people with whom they had live links and contacts. Widely known was the priest of Apollo, a magician and sorcerer Abaris. He is mentioned in many ancient authors, including the writings of Plutarch, Porphyry and Iamblichus. Abaris attributed literature of religious and magical content. Being divinely inspired, he gave oracles and divination. Write that Abaris "always wore an arrow in his hand as a symbol of Apollo and walked with their oracles all of Greece." According to Diodorus, "giperboreets Abaris came to Hellas to renew old friendships and kinship with delostsami."

Visited on Delos and other countrymen Abaris — Giperohoy and Laodicea, brought gifts to Apollo. Delphic sanctuary itself is based on the legend Hyperboreans, the most famous reindeer. This deer, according to the local poet Bojo, "was the first prophet of God and the first prophecy uttered in hexameters."

Hyperboreans were considered as mystic Pythagoras (who was a contemporary of Abaris) and Aristeas. Herodotus says the author of the last works of "Arimaspeya" and Strabo — teacher of Homer, who wrote besides the famous "Iliad" and "Odyssey" majestic hymns to Apollo.

So, if geography Hyperborea very roughly defined by the Greeks (such as land, which lies to the north of Boreas), the people of this country had a more concrete way. They were called "fans", "minister" or "priests" of God Apollana, solar streloverzhtsa who killed the serpent Python.

In the footsteps of the Greek authors, and their investigators went B.A.Rybakov academician. In his book, "Paganism ancient Slavs", M.1994 he summarized many ancient references to Hyperborea, and the latest information related to the family gods Lato-Artemis Apollo. Fishermen had summarized the available information on the "Lato connection with the North" in the following theses: "1. Lato is from the land of the Hyperboreans, 2. Lato husband some myths say Hyperboreans Opis 3. Lato fled from the wrath of Hera on the land of the Hyperboreans o.Delos 4. Lato son, Apollo, annually sent to winter in the country Hyperboreans ("apodeme") 5. There Hyperborean Apollo hrinit their arrows. 6. Hyperboreans annually send gifts to the Delian temples children Lato — Apollo and Artemis.

Scientist-Slavic well aware that the country was Hyperborea mythical features, but knows that in ancient myth quite often had the most that neither is a terrestrial origin. And he begins to search for a real home excavations Summer and her twin children. The result exceeds all expectations! On the basis of precise archaeological data Rybakov was possible not only to determine the geographic boundaries of the mysterious country (he puts it on the north-east of Europe, between the Oder and the upper reaches of the Volga), but even very accurately draw the path of the northern sanctuaries Plate (Lada) to the shores of the Adriatic Sea and the Aegean Sea (see map Worship Summer and Lada, p.411). This route is the same as the so-called "Amber Road", which was held from the Baltic to Sredizemnomre through Central Europe. B.A.Rybakov results and other arguments in support of a real, historical Hyperborea.
Paradise Found, the ancestral homeland of the Aryans or the Arctic

With the establishment of the Christian civilization of the ancient world and the fall of the myth of Hyperborea gone forever. On for centuries it fell out of the spotlight of European thinkers. Neither Renaissance nor the Enlightenment did not restore the former interest to the mystery of the northern lands. Total oblivion lasted up until the end of the 19th century and early 20th century, one by one, do not burst a few scientific breakthroughs.

The first is a book by American historian V.Uorrena "Paradise Found, or the Cradle of Mankind at the North Pole» (Warren V. The Paradise Found, or the Gradle of the Human Race at the North Pole, Boston, 1893), have passed the ten editions. The author, summarized and analyzed in the book little known facts contemporaries, argued that the original sources of human civilization must be sought not in the South, not in Asia Minor and Africa, and in the Arctic region, where in prehistoric times were favorable climate for natural development. Warren hypothesis provoked contradictory responses, and most opponents converged on the fact that such a bold idea requires further confirmation.

New arguments in favor of the polar theory expressed B.G.Tilak Indian scholar, in his book "The Arctic home in the Vedas," published in 1903 in Bombay. A summary of one of its modern editions (Tilak BG The Arktik Home in the Vedas, Rooma, 1956), we find in the eponymous Soviet Indology N.R.Gusevoy article in the book "The antiquity. Aria. Slavs "M.1996. According to Gusev, scientists involved in the study of the ancient Vedic texts, attracted the attention of the places sacred books, which refers to the northern homeland of the ancient Aryans. In the Vedas, dating back to about 2 thousand years BC, described a time when people had a year is equal to the gods days and was divided into two halves: the day — during the movement of the sun to the north, and the night — the period of the motion to the south. But the sun, drifting south for six months could only mean the polar night, as the second half of the year — the polar day (p.20). On the same issue, and we direct mention of the fact. that the North Star (Sanskrit — Dhruva) homeland of the Aryans was at the zenith, and around in circles all the heavenly bodies. This could only be at the North Pole, or very close to it, because in modern India Big Dipper with the North Star appears low on the northern horizon. When Tilak analyzed with the new discoveries of the places of Vedic hymns, which is celebrated during the "flickering shadows", called Zarya (Sanskrit — Ushas), which happens twice a year and lasts about 50-60 days, the hypothesis of Warren got another strong argument . Such long "Dawns" which is now called the North Xin, are only in the Arctic (see N.Guseva. Deep. — In the book "Paths of the Millennium ', M.1991, p. 18-23).

These and other sensational discoveries could not but attract the attention of Russian researchers. In Russia, on the works of Warren and Tilak responded E.Elachich Petersburg scientists, who published his own book entitled "Far North as the birthplace of humanity", LNG, 1910. Drawing on data from the ancient Indian and ancient Persian literature, he argued with his colleagues, questioning the most controversial part of the hypothesis, and adding new facts obvious. Jelacic said that the pole star in the constellation Ursa Minor appeared above the earth's axis is relatively recent. Another 2.3 millennium BC On the pole was another star — alpha constellation Draco. Vedic worship Dhruva can relate to Alpha Draconis or even Alpha Lyrae — Vega.

However, the arrival of the Aryans from the north was confirmed by other sources. In "Avesta", there is mention that the "homeland of the Aryans was once bright beautiful country, but an evil demon sent down at her cold and snow, which began to hit her for ten months each year, the sun has come out only once a year and he has become a a night and a day. " The hymn Videvdata dedicated "star tishtriya brilliant", says that it dates from the sea Vorukasha (like the "ocean of milk" from "Rigveda") and stands with his companion (star Satavaesa) "on the mountain, which stands in the middle of the sea Vorukasha. Her honor along with seven-star "(ie, the constellation of the Great Bear). Next in the scriptures say that the will of the gods and in search of new land Aryans migrated from the north — south ("Antiquity. Aria. Slavs", p.27).

Taking the whole hypothesis of Warren-Tilak, backed by findings of modern archeology, Jelacic came to a similar conclusion that "a reasonable man» (homo sapiens) emerged in Europe from the north coming under pressure glaciers during the last ice age. He agrees with the statement of the genetic relationship between the different branches of the Aryans.

Another major event in the study of the origins of human civilization began opening of the German scientist Hermann Wirth, summarized in basic research "The Origin of mankind» (Herman Wirth. Die Aufgang der Menschheit, Berlin, 1927), and "The Holy proto-writing of humanity» (Die Heilige Urschrift der Menschheit, Berlin-Leipzig, 1936). In Russia, they are new in the scientific use of contemporary metaphysics and religious historian AG Dugin, who faithfully presents the most important and valuable discoveries Wirth in his book "Hyperborean theory," M. "Arktogeya", 1993. German scientist, unlike its predecessors, is elected as the object of research is not part of the external culture of the ancient world, and the interior. He focuses on content, esoteric aspects of sacred tradition. Through research, linguistic and religious symbols Wirth enters the holy of holies of the spiritual life of their ancestors. Various elements of the ancient cosmos line up an organic whole, and before our eyes gets crystal clear picture of the world.

The starting point for Wirth, who became the Third Reich ideologue and one of the founders of «Ahnenerbe», was the theory of "polar" northern origin of mankind. The scientific ancient paleo-Continent was once located in the Arctic. It was there, from the Far North came the original people who founded prareligii. "Proto-Nordic basis of religion, writes A.Dugin — it was a combination of cosmological dualism and metaphysical monotheism. Single and transcendent Principle — Istok, God the Father, manifested through cosmic metamorphosis of his son, the Son of God. These transformations are performed within the space of two poles: Darkness and Light. In this case, the Son of God cyclically moves from light poles, where it appears in its glory and it is obvious to the Pole of Darkness, where he acts in secret, hidden behind the veil of blackness. These alternating cycles is space rhythm, repeated in all the elementary physical and complex macrocosmic phenomena: from the sound waves to the laws of movement of the heavenly bodies "(p.9). According to Wirth, polar man was not only vospreemnikom this kind of "Nordic Christianity," but he was a symbol of God's Son, the micro-cosmic synopsis macro cosmos. The first people who came out of the Arctic and were gods, god-minded person endowed with the 1st group of blood, from which the white race of people.

The central point of the Arctic theory Herman Wirth is the understanding of language as a mirror of the divine world. "God works through thought. God is concentrating his thoughts in language. This Arctic proto-language is the whole world "(Ibid., p.10). But if the whole world, the whole cosmos — the language of God, the Son of God, the God-man — there is also something written and expressed. Analyzing the old Germanic runes, Wirth came to the conclusion that they are nothing but an echo of the ancient calendar, which expresses not only cyclical time, but also the man himself.

After a natural disaster, when the island sank in the Arctic Ocean, Arctic residents began to migrate from the North to the South in Eurasia, and from there spread over the world. Herman Wirth believed that the famous Atlantis was one of the heirs Arktogei, although descendants of polar people entered in different continents of Gondwana, which amounted to the priestly and intellectual elite.

Problem of the relation of the Arctic and Atlantic began in an article the other large spirituality, Frenchman Rene Guenon "Atlantis and Hyperborea", 1929 (see "Dear Angel", vol.1, p.18-21). In it, he notes that it is impossible to identify two different paleo-continents, north and west. Future ideologue "Anenerbe," however, did not listen to the opinion of French counterparts, and this seemingly purely teoretichyaeskaya subtlety, indirectly affected the underestimation in Germany continental alliance between the National Socialists in the West with national communists in the east, which eventually led a military defeat of the Third Reich and the millions of victims in the USSR (See A.G.Dugin. Mysteries of Eurasia, M.1996, p.35).

Developing ideas Guenon and Wirth, known Chilean mystic Miguel Serrano suggested that occurred once the change of positions, made possible as a result of a cosmic catastrophe. Then Hyperborea is Antarctica (see "Attack», N7, pp. 6-7). This "Mystery Antarctica" associated with the mysterious paradoxical theory of "hollow earth", developed in the esoteric SS organization, enough said in one of his New Content A.Dugin ("Science and Religion", 1996, N12, p. 40 -44).
From New Babylon to Aryan RUSSIA

Neither the communist revolution or war with the German National Socialism, nor the Marxist-Leninist ideology in Russia contributed to the study of the complex issues related to North ancestral forefathers. Even if we accept the historical hypothesis, which states that at the top of the Red Army there conspiratorial Order "Polar" (see A.G.Dugin. Conspiracy, M.1993, p. 107-111, there is no reason to deny the Communist International, total violence in all intellectual and spiritual spheres of post-revolutionary era. All that was associated with mysticism, spirituality, racism, Aryanism, genetics, eugenics, and the like in the Bolshevik dictatorship either got banned or controlled by the NKVD. dogmatic But the Bolsheviks could not stop the development of science and the progress of human thought. work on the study of antiquities, spiritual and sacred aspects of being conducted in spite of any obstacles. Sometimes this was done in secret, sometimes under the guise of some related topics.

Thus, AF Losev, who after the conclusion of the GULAG was forbidden to develop philosophical issues for decades to delve into the history of ancient aesthetics. B.S.Smirnov working after a long reference neurologist in Ashgabat, translated and published there some book "Mahabharata." After the war, became a classic of the Aryans from time to time to get out and in the central academic publications. In "Litpamyatniki" appeared remarkable Russian translation of "Rigveda", "Arthashastra", "Shah-Nameh". Several options were issued "Avesta". Thanks to the efforts of Academician BA Rybakov systematic studies of ancient and old Slavic origins. All of these studies have been performed quite professionally, but they were pretty much on the enthusiasm for scientific or self-interest.

State ideology of the USSR imposed ideals of internationalism, racial mixing and Sovietism (the communist way of life, striving to "bright future"). In the field of antiquities it more in line with the so-called "Nostratic theory" (from the Latin nostra — added). Proponents of this theory, mostly linguists have argued that all modern languages derive from a single southern origin. According to scholars such as V.M.Illich-Svitych, A.Dolgopolsky, V.Shevoroshkin, about 30,000 years ago in North Africa and the Near East was formed human protolanguage from which rose as one root of all modern , including Indo-European, languages. When the circumstances of life in the Soviet Union became less favorable llya supporters "Nostratic theory," some of them went abroad: Dolgopolsky — to Israel, Shevorozhkin — in the U.S. (where he is now working in collaboration with linguist Africanist Dzh.Grinbergom. Russia continues work their followers — VV Ivanov, who was released, along with dozens of books and articles, publications bibliographic nature.

We will not go here into controversy various schools and trends, but we emphasize again that the so-called "pure science" very often is not free from ideological influence. In these circumstances, the primary importance are works whose findings as objectively as possible and in scientific terms — reliable.

Proponents of the theory of polar origin had to prove first of all that in the time of the birth of Indo-European community in the north have been favorable for life climate. And they proved it. Scientists and geologists have found that after the end of the so-called Valdai glaciation (the peak in 24-18 centuries AD) on the coast of the Arctic Ocean established temperate climate. Obobenno favorable conditions were formed after the global warming since the 13th millennium. Subarctic forests shifted to the north, where in addition to pine, spruce and birch trees, deciduous trees germinated cereals. Scientists and E.P.Borisenkov V.M.Pasetsky in their joint book, "Millennial chronicle extraordinary phenomena of nature," M.1988 claim that 5.8 millennium BC temperature in the north in January, did not fall below 0 Celsius, and in the so-called "boreal period" (7-6 millennium) the average annual temperature north of the imaginary line Kola peninsula — Ural — Baikal was 5 degrees higher than the south from it (quoted in the collection "Roads of the Millennium ', kn.4, M.1991, p.16-17). Such conditions could not contribute to the development of Eurasian civilization, as evidenced by archaeological excavations in different parts of Europe, in the Urals, in Siberia.

It was after the global warming, which scientists call "the Holocene climatic optimum" (Holocene — the name of the post-glacial period), and more precisely in 4.6 millennia, in Eastern Europe begins to form an Aryan, or as it is also called — Indo-European community, from which later spun Slavs, Germans, Greeks, Indians, Persians.

Today the word "aria" or "Aryans" (from the ancient Indus. Arya) received many interpretations, some of which are not sufficiently justified. Thus, we can immediately dismiss all the negative meanings that are brought to the word "Aryan" profane victims Hitler propaganda. It has long been scientifically proven that the Germans are just one of the white Indo-European tribes, and the German Nazis committed a crime by attacking the brotherly Slavic nations. Insufficient explanation and narrow the word "Aryan" as "oratay" that is, "a farmer." "Aryans" in the broad sense — people of white race, noble breed and deep spiritual knowledge. In modern scientific interpretation of "Aryans" — the descendants of the Indo-Iranians and northern Indians who adopted their culture and ancient traditions.

Where exactly were formed Aryan core? Where is the place that you can call home or ancestral home of the Aryans? Was it a single region, or had a few? All these questions are still open.

Ukrainian archaeologist Yu.A.Shilov, exploring mounds in the Northern Black Sea and discovered their relationship to the Vedic culture, believes that the ancestral home of the Aryans can be considered Danube and Dnieper. (See his fundamental work "The homeland of the Aryans", Kiev. 1995, a new book "Way of the Aryans", Kiev, 1996, as well as interviews and publications in the "Ancestral Heritage» N № 1 — 3). In the 4th millennium BC in the current Cherkassy region formed the center of civilization Aratta, previously archaeologists called conditional "culture Tripoli." "The structure of this state — wrote Yu.Shilov — like a Greek city-state system of the future. Aratta was a collection of large (up to 500 Sq m) cities policies, each of which is surrounded by small villages "(" Ancestral Heritage », N № 2, p.8). It had the advanced state of "holy democracy", where the main role played by the clergy-priests. There developed a unique priestly institute "Spasitelstva." Hence, from the area of mounds observatories spread the ancient knowledge, which later found expression in the "Rig Veda", in the "Avesta", in the ancient hymns and poems. Based on data from archaeological excavations, Shilov traces the genealogy of Indo-European gods such as Zeus-Dives-Dyaus or swim-Apollo-Gopalan. He draws parallels between the Aryan ancestral home in the Black Sea and the ancient Slavic world. But the Ukrainian archaeologist hardly touches the Hyperborean, polar theory. According to Yu.Shilova under Hyperborea should be understood as a system of sanctuaries observatories of Stonehenge to Arkaim.

A different opinion on this issue follow the authors of the collection "Antiquity. Aria. Slavs "M.1996. Its managing editor is an active defender N.R.Guseva polar theory (that we borrowed it for this review, many of the facts and arguments). In addition to the findings of the Warren and Tilak scholar and Indologist attracted the data of modern geology, geography and archeology. It sets out new materials R.K.Prabhu Indian scholar of the Vedas "Arctic year Vedic Aryans", attracted to the analysis of "pigeon book," draws attention to the image of the sacrificial white knight, compares with Indra Indrik. N.R.Gusevu entrain very Slavic-Indian parallels. She devotes a separate article Sanskrit kinship with the Russian language and makes a compelling summary of the single-root words (original mother-pramatr, your — ance, this — etat, the first-purva, love — lubh, create — critters, swim — Paraple, cup — chashaka, virgin — Devi door — Deuteronomy hole-drka, etc.) At the initiative of holes. editor of the collection includes an article D.P.Shastri "The relationship between Russian and Sanskrit," which also gives eloquent papalleli. Thus, the "two hundred thirty-four" in Sanskrit is "dvishata tridasha catvarah", and the phrase "What your home, this is our home" will be heard: "Tat you d'am, we d'am etat" (p.61). N.R.Guseva leads parallel religious-mystical terms: Veda Veda, Velez — Vala, Dazhbog — Daksha, Indrik-Indra, Lada — Lata Fire — Agni, Varuna, Perun, Rhode Rudra Svarog — Svarga, Yarylo — Yar, etc. (p.80-85), which require further investigation.

In a similar direction S.V.Zharnikova art works, the author of "The Ancient Secret of the Russian North" in the collection "Antiquity. Aria. Slavs "M.1996. It is also a supporter of the Arctic theory. Following the national tradition of comparative cultural studies (A.N.Afanasev, I.I.Sreznevsky, A.Zhuravsky, V. A.Gorodtsov, A.V.Miller, etc.), it results in additional sources and evidence to support the relationship of the northern and southern Aryans (curious footnote to the little-known work A.Zhuravskogo "North Russia," published in 1911 in the "Proceedings of the Society for the Study of the Russian North», N № 9-11). Drawing on the Vedic texts, Zharnikova trying to locate and accurately identify geographic places mentioned in "Rig Veda" and "Avesta". She believes that the sacred Mount Meru (the Indian tradition), Hara (in Iranian sources), and Riphean mountains (the ancient Greeks) have the same real prototype. This prototype, in its opinion, are the northern ridges, located north-west of the Urals (see map). It was here, as described in the ancient texts, is the watershed basins of the northern and southern seas, from here originate Northern Dvina, Kama and the great river Volga (its ancient name — Ra, Rha), and here you can watch the zenith North Star (page .104).

In addition to linguistic and finds N.R.Gusevoy D.P.Shastri Vologda researcher leads impressive list hydronyms Russian north, which have direct parallels with Sanskrit words: Ganga (river in the Arkhangelsk region) and Ganga (the main river in India), Dan (river in Ustsysolskom County) and Dan (the river in "Rigveda"), Indigo (a river in Murmansk county) and Indus (river in North-West. India), Kama (left tributary of the Volga) and stone (water, happiness in Sanskrit) Sura (river Pinega district) and Sura (water flowing), and many others.

S.V.Zharnikova in a paper more than 40 sketches of Russian designs, where different variants of a swastika (Sanskrit swasti means happiness, literally "associated with good '). In this case, an art scholar emphasizes that discredit this sign Nazis can not affect his deep-sacred character (p.115-118).

Many of the above arguments in favor of Indo-European origin of the Slavs brochure contains S.G.Antonenko "Rus Aryan", M.1994. It is a survey of contemporary sources on the Aryan issue. Most linguists Antonenko follow-cultural studies. He gives the etymological analysis sankskritskogo term «Arya» (Noble, a full, free), finds the ancient name of the Volga compliance (Ranha-Raha-Ra (x)-Re), compares the "Book of Doves" the myth of Purusha, from analyzing "Vlesovoy Book ", a Slavic theogony. Antonenko retells studies A.Gilferdinga ("The affinity of the Slavic language from Sanskrit, St. Petersburg, 1853), N.R.Gusevoy, T.Ya.Elizarenkovoy, I.M.Steblina-Kamensky and others. The book "Rus Aryan" may be of interest to those who first came to the topic. People also more well-read by the author raises many questions. First of all guards attempt S.G.Antonenko interpret different facts from different eras with the methodology and terminology in the spirit Krishnaism Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Surprising his eclectic approach to the authorities, in which the names appear next to Rene Guenon and Leo Tolstoy, HPB and Likhachev, and quotations from the Bible oddly interspersed with excerpts from "Bhagavatgty." Is not this inconsistency has led the author to the aggressive, largely unfounded attacks against the "modern nations", he recently allowed himself in an article offensive called "Undead" ("Moscow", 1996, N № 9)?

Notably the work of metaphysics traditionalist and modern ideology of National Bolshevism A.G.Dugina. The fact is that for him the problem of the polar origin of humanity not just one of those worthy of attention, and the central, main, core theme of all his work. How the "Hyperborean theory" Alexander Dugin published in publishing house founded by him "Arktogeya", named after the spirit of Herman Wirth. The same publisher edited out of the book of Dugin philosophers and writers traditionalists Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, Gustav Meyrink, the two volumes of the collection of esoteric "Dear angel," eight rooms Eurasian Ferris "Elements", as well as books of Alexander Dugin: "Absolute Path" (1991), "Conservative Revolution" (1994), "Mystery of Eurasia" (1996) and "The Metaphysics of the Good News" (1996). In addition, with its active participation on TV was shown a series of television documentary "Mystery of the Ages," and the end of 1996 — is broadcast weekly late-night series of radio programs — «Finis Mundi». The sheer range of themes and genres suggests that the head of the publishing house "Arktogeya" — an outstanding personality. More about this testifies to the content of his writings.

If the "Hyperborean theory", according to the author, was a bona fide statement of inexhaustible heritage Herman Wirth, read under the influence E.V.Golovina (see his interview with "Finding eternal Nord", "Elements», N № 5), the latter books — the mature fruit of Alexander Dugin. Using esoteric methodology Rene Guenon and his followers, and partly achieve the Russian school of "Eurasianism" Dugin explores inner, spiritual world of the "continent Russia." Before the reader gets an image of "Russian Hyperboreans", "Russian Sweden", the symbol of which is the "solar Maiden" — Nordic prototype of the Virgin. The author claims that the descendants of the northern gods ("freezes"), came to gondvanicheskuyu Eurasia (country "Finns"), were in a very complex ethnic and cultural conditions. In terms of racial purity and tradition, the process of degeneration and degradation. But restoring the ancestral archetypes, in his opinion, is in principle possible, and through mixed race ("Turanians"), for the polar tradition is able to awaken the divine, super-human principle, everyone who has at least a share of the Aryan blood and has the will to escape from subhuman life.

Staying true to the principle of metaphysical dualism, Dugin projecting traditional opposition "north-south" to the modern geopolitical world. As a result, he has built a radical project of global conflict between the "West" and "East", or rather "North-East", because in the modern esoteric terms "East" and the original "north" close. The embodiment of evil for Dugin is the USA. The heirs of the ancient center of "Mo-Uru" (hence the name "America"?), Distorted the doctrine of Atlanticism and turned it into the mystery of the "golden calf", in fact created an anti-peace, anti-Europe, anti-continent. Today, they have unprecedented power and global influence. They claim to be the world's policeman and chief architect of the Masonic "new world order» (the West against the Rest). America, which Dugin has "close" must confront the outside world (the Rest against the West), led by the geopolitical, non-religious "Eurasian bloc» (Pax Euroasiatica). But the center of Eurasia, and the geographic and esoteric, is Russia, inheriting the steppes of the Aryans, the Central Asian way Great Turan and Siberian treasures Golden Horde. Therefore it is Russia to lead the fight against the totalitarian domination of Western "mondialism," that in the last days of the mission to fulfill Asgarty East Hyperborean produce unprecedented counter-revolution and the power to recreate a new empire Ram, eternal empire pole (see A.Dugin. "Geopolitical Future of Russia ", M, 1995, and the relevant sections in the magazine" Elements ").

It is clear that a new version of the Hyperborean theory — it is only the author's project. But this project is based on the sum of completely objective ideas and realities. History is replete with examples of realization of the ideas that are "driven by the masses." And it is possible that the theory will Dugin once implemented.

Project "Resurrection of the North" concludes the first part of the "Mysteries of Eurasia." The second part is devoted to the esoteric aspects of Orthodoxy and the Church Slavonic alphabet themes were further developed in the book, "The Metaphysics of the Good News." Using the method of Herman Wirth Research runic writing, Alexander Dugin metaphysical explanation makes sense of the sacred letters: M (live), X (Cherubim), Az and Hughes, interprets the iconic image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the patron and protector of Holy Russia.

Alexander Dugin, his publishing house "Arktogeya" and political supporters of the National Bolshevik Party, a leader in the modern conservative-revolutionary movement (for an understanding of his political views, see the collection of articles "Conservative Revolution", M.1994, brochure "The tasks of our revolution" , M.1995 and theoretical articles in "pineapple"). That's why we give it so much attention. But Dugin — not only ideology nordism not the only herald hyperborean Aryan and rebirth. There are other authors who develop these themes: one — quite independently of Dugin, the other — under its strong influence.

First of all, there should be mentioned a group of researchers released a compilation of "Myths and magic of the Indo-Europeans", M.1995, edited A.Platova. Our theme in the book are relevant article "Calendar Vedic Russia" and "Reconstruction Slavic pretsessionalnogo calendar — Great Kolo" (A.Barashkova), "Indo-European myth about the structure of the world" (A.Platova), the story of initiation in A.Egorova soldiers who reveal internal connections of the Aryan world. A.Platov released as a book author, "Rune Magic" M.1994. It is written, regardless of research Herman Wirth, and largely based on the English-language works of Ralph Blum and Ralph Elliott. Elegantly a brochure is not only a detailed analysis of the runes and comments to them (as in the seventh chapter, "Hyperborean theory" A.Dugin), but even some of the Slavic parallel (head of "Slavic runes and origin Futhark"). The author develops the thesis about the relationship V.I.Scherbakova ancient "Vans" and Slavic-Russo ("Veneto") with the founders of the ancient center "Ventoux" (State Vyatichi). He compares the ancient Germanic and Old Russian Gods Dazhbog and Freyr, Odin and Veles, gives some interesting illustrations with runic inscriptions and calendar signs. Platov and his associates, apparently beginning researchers. But this is the beginning — very promising. (Illustration with runes)

Review of current literature on the Hyperborean, polar and Aryan issues could go on and on, there is still a magazine "Magus", neo-pagan newspaper "Our users' Russian-German Journal" Veche "(all three editions published in St. Petersburg). Articles on interesting topics also appear in magazines, "Attack", "orientation", "The Nation." Finally, there is our "Ancestral Heritage", where themes and ancient ancestral roots are inherently central. Let not all the publications in these publications are equal. Let some of the articles have a strong bias in journalism, sometimes with elements of fantasy and utopia youth extremism. Let them have even errors, inaccuracies and "unscientific conclusions." This is only the beginning of our awakening.

Hello and thank you — the new discoverers of Hyperborea. It you were able to make out in the darkness of the last times the rising star shining Pole. This is your super-human effort sunken continent of North is becoming more visible features. If not you, then who else can carry the torch of the gods?

Tulaev PV Magazine "Ancestral Heritage", 1997, № 3


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