Are the chances of a fair election?

Society of the United States of America "are hoping to see significant progress" in the field of democracy and human rights in Belarus. This is stated in a joint statement issued after the meeting, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov. The meeting was held on December 1 in Astana OSCE Summit.

"To improve the bilateral relations between the U.S. and Belarus primary importance is still a statement of greater respect for democracy and human rights, which is necessary for the progress of the country and its citizens", — quotes the text of the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry.

United States, in particular, are hoping to meet the presidential elections in Belarus with international standards.

Comment on this statement we asked Belarusian politicians and political scientists.

Yaroslav Romanchuk

The presidential candidate of the UCP Yaroslav Romanchuk recently had a meeting at the U.S. Embassy in Minsk and with representatives of the U.S. Congress.

"The Americans say that they do not admit to the fact that official Minsk received some kind of legitimacy without much change. Therefore, if the Belarusian leadership is ready for constructive cooperation, the implementation of the declared multi-vector, then it must release political prisoners, completely change the character of elections, was able to observe, count, make equal rights for all the candidates in terms of access to the media. "

In the present circumstances we can say that the democratic elections in Belarus will not be because the opposition is not included in the Commission discriminated against in the media, it is unknown whether the authorities will allow the poll "exit poll" — said Mr. Romanchuk. According to him, in the United States after December 19 will not be grounds for other solutions than in 2006, when the Belarusian elections were not recognized. The very same statement Hillary Clinton and Sergei Martynov said Yaroslav Romanchuk, in a sense, "ritual."

Alexander Klaskouski

Such a thought shared by analyst Ming Alexander Klaskouski:

"This statement is a document will not make any impact on the election campaign. Another thing is that external conditions are unfavorable for the Belarusian leadership. First Russian pressure forced Minsk to play certain games, show West decorative liberalization. Already it affects the style of campaigning, he looks by authorities more flexible. "

But Alexander Klaskouski believes that concessions in the most sensitive points, such as the counting of votes and vote early, Minsk will not do:

"I think this is the top of the power structures are scratching their heads as to slip between Scylla and Charybdis, show a little more transparency, some progress in this direction and at the same time not destroy the foundation for the so-called elegant victories".

Sergei Musienko

But Washington may delay the warming of relations with Belarus, if the Belarusian authorities to demonstrate real progress, — says Alexander Klaskouski.

Political analyst close to the government Sergei Musienko believes that any changes in the policy of Minsk, particularly at election time, and do not need it, because, they say, elections, and so as transparent as possible. Mr. Musienko hoped that the contacts between the foreign ministries of Belarus and the United States will contribute to warming of bilateral relations:

"Absolutely, and it has been observed throughout the year. Therefore it is very natural. And I think it's good for Belarus. Indeed, to live in a situation such as we have lived hard. Necessary to build relationships with the world, and what is happening now — is a striking confirmation of the multi-vector is not only economic but also the political life of Belarus. "

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