Assists in the planning of the best travel

My introduction to this site when I started crawling on the internet slowly gathered information about different countries plan to rapidly approaching holiday. This time, my choice fell on the South-East Asia. It should be noted immediately that I was in the first place on this site attracted a huge alphabetical directory, and user-friendly navigation. Just as pleased and complete information about countries represented including not only the mass of colorful pictures and information on the sights, but also all the latest news concerns the chosen country, which is very important before you travel.

But most of all I was impressed by a router that allows you to plan routes based on your input data, which is a start and end point of your journey, with the cities and places where you would like to visit. Paving the route you he immediately offers to get acquainted with more runs Cities in them, and also provides references to hotels that you could immediately find a place to live to taste. Agree that it is very convenient?

Another convenient site, to which you should pay attention is the search of hotels and airfare. About hotels I will elaborate. Search for hotels by city by name, that is, Enter the name of the city where you want to stay you get a list of all the hotels in it. For all of them are marked on the map of the area and have a full description and prices, as well as the possibility to book directly from the site.

Besides website design than the route and a huge base of hotels offer comprehensive search more than 700 airlines, allowing to find the best deals and the most special actions in different areas. Also on site you will find a lot of articles about this or that city and country written by real travelers not just as a description of, and presented as a report with all the details, describing the joys and the difficulties faced by travelers describing their amazing experience.

Such reports are also very useful to study before planning travel. Where else can you get the most detailed information at first hand? In short, this site won me their information content and the mass of diverse and useful information, so that during the planning of travel advise to use all of its services.

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