Astrologers also have the Hippocratic Oath

October 28, 2012 0:37

What is the reason for failure in life and poor health? How to choose the best time to go to a suitable job or major purchases? When is it best to start a family? Answers to these questions are known astrologers. Today, "KV" talk to one of them — Constantine Daraganom.

INTRODUCING THE HERO OF INTERVIEW. Daragan Constantine was born in 1972 in Ukraine, graduated from the Aviation Institute "programmer." Ph.D., associate professor of the National Aerospace University of Ukraine, member of the coordinating councils Ukrainian astrological associations and East-Ukrainian regional information and astrological center. Professional astrologer practitioner and astrologer and researcher. Winner of the II International Contest of esoteric and astrological knowledge "Golden Dolphin".

Astrologers also have the Hippocratic Oath

— You are such a rare and little known area in astrology — astromagiey. What is it?
— This topic is still not stable and is not widely accepted. The definition of "astromagiya" astrologers invented in the early XX century. Before astrology was passive. It determined the diagnosis, but no treatment is prescribed. A astromagiya — a set of tools, road map, which helps people navigate life and consciously change it.

— One of your books is devoted to astrology love …
— What is love, we did not understand. In addition it is a temporary madness, nothing definite to say impossible. Calculate love astrologically not yet possible to anybody. But human relationships are entirely predictable. Sign two people can say what will be the relationship: conflict, long or fleeting. This area of astrology is very well developed. There's absolutely no more mysteries.

— Often turn to you to determine the favorable wedding date?
— This is one of the most common requests. Of course, the wedding date is set, but not as great as one might think. Fate has brought the two men. And when they put a stamp in your passport, not so important. Astrologer can only help to correct something that the further joint life newlyweds had less problems.

— You also do not advise to get married in a leap year?
— This is another mistake! Leap year to astrology and the movement of the planets has no relation. It was invented by the people in the XVI century. They changed the calendar once again. And to correct the mistake, introduced an additional day. Much worse than sign the new moon. This phenomenon is more often, it is much more serious consequences.

— November 14 at 1 hour 8 minutes Moscow time will be a total solar eclipse. For this event people are always treated with caution. Do I have something to prepare for it?
— Solar eclipse on individuals usually are not affected. If a person is not to say that today, solar eclipse, he will live this day is calm, not feeling any negative effects. Under the influence of the solar eclipse can get large groups, countries, regions.

— They say that by changing the name, you can change the future. Is it possible to change the future by changing the passport's date of birth?
— This topic is quite controversial. Name change affects the fate. This is a fact. But as it happens, is not clear. From the date of birth is more complicated. Natal horoscope continues to work in any case. Even if a person has experienced clinical death and literally born for the second time. If you have written in your passport other figures in the column "Date of Birth", knows this only the passport and the state. This is unlikely to change anything in my life. But people play these games.

— Do you need math skills in order to make a horoscope?
— Not any more. Now it all makes a computer program based on the tables, which are calculated by astronomers. In fact, any special education to produce a horoscope is not required. You only need to press two buttons on the keyboard, keep the date and place of birth — and a second later you get ready horoscope. Up to this point — it is pure astronomy. Astrology begins when you try to find out what was on it. The task of the astrologer — interpretation of horoscope. Most recently, we were drawing the horoscope manually. The main instruments — compasses, pencil, pen, calculator. There were times when drawing up a horoscope was considered a ritual practice. Its painted with prayers. Now everything is easier.

— Is there an ethics of an astrologer?
— This is also a serious moment. I had a dispute with his colleagues. I am opposed to the fact that the astrologer must be some definite astrological ethics. But there is a statute, the oath astrologer nearly a clone of the Hippocratic oath. But will give the astrologer oath or not, ethics will be determined only by his conscience. For example, when you counsel a married couple, it is inevitable konfliktuete because it is between two fires. You can order an unethical outlook. I had a client who wanted to know whether to start a business in the sale of women in Turkey? I refused the proposal. Opportunities in astrology fantastic. It is going through a renaissance. Thanks to modern technology astrology became available to almost everyone. And it may be the key that will open the doors of his people good luck in life.

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