At Japanese nuclear power plant Tsuruga leaked radiation

At Japanese nuclear power plant "Tsuruga" leaked radiation.  Photo: animereactor.ruAt Japanese nuclear power plant "Tsuruga" leaked radiation.
In the second coolant Japanese nuclear power "Tsuruga", located in Fukui Prefecture in the west, were elevated levels of radioactive elements.

This official said the company operatoraAES Japan Atomic Power Company (JAPC). The report notes that the increase in the radiation level in the coolant to a possible radiation leak from the fuel rods.

Recall, March 11, the day in Japan was a strong earthquake of magnitude 8.9. Its epicenter was located 382 kilometers northeast of Tokyo.

The earthquake caused a great tsunami, in certain areas of the tidal wave height exceeds 10 meters. Giant wave covered the fields and roads, destroying homes and buildings and cars washed away in the sea train. In many cities started a large fire. Later, several more powerful aftershocks above magnitude 6.0. Hundreds of thousands of people in Japan have lost their homes, not enough food and drinking water.

According to the latest Japanese police killed were missing more than 28 thousand people.

One of the consequences of the disaster was the state of emergency on the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1", where the problems began with the cooling system of reactors, there were explosions and fires. The result — a radiation leak. Japanese authorities hastily evacuated lyudeyiz 20-kilometer zone around AESi banned flights over the station within 30 miles.

Later, in several parts of the country were recorded appearance in the water, air, and some products of radioactive elements such as cesium and iodine isotopes.

In addition, the soil at five sites emergency "Fukushima-1" was discovered plutonium. The disaster turned into a man-made disaster.

It is assumed that during the first nine months of the Japanese experts completely drown out emergency nuclear reactors, and in the next 90 days, engineers plan to ensure the smooth operation of cooling systems and try to stop the leak of radioactive substances, according to RIA Novosti.

Sasha Pyatnitskaya

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