Autukhovich asks the lawyer to visit him in prison

CEC asks headquarters Gregory Kastusiou return the certificate trusted person who gave the name of Autukhovich. Andrei Bondarenko relatives learned about the time period after which the detainee must be released from the cell-type rooms.

Employees of the Central Election Commission appealed to the headquarters of a presidential candidate Gregory Kastusiou to return the certificate of a trusted person who gave the name of the Central Electoral Commission concluded Ivatsevichy colony Autukhovich. Chairman of the BPF Yanukevich, who heads the campaign headquarters Kastusiou says about what CEC officials explain their original decision to issue a certificate of Autukhovich trustee:

"They explain this by the fact that they had a tree, and they did not have time to check all of the trustees. Now refer to the Constitution and the electoral law, which says that a convicted and serving a sentence in prison can not take part in the elections. "

They say that a convicted and serving a sentence in prison can not take part in the elections.

At the headquarters of the candidate noted that the identity of the CEC Autuhovich mentioned after Gregory Kastusyou, speaking on television called the prisoner his confidant and demanded his release. To be returned to the CEC's license issued in the name of Autuhovich? At the headquarters of Kastusiou reported that this request will have to perform all the same license as already invalidated.

In the colony Autukhovich next week will go by his lawyer Paul Sapelka:

"Avtukhovich he called me for a meeting. He writes that there are a lot of things to discuss. "

Veterans of Afghanistan addressed in Autuhovich to the media. More than a month ago, the veterans were asked the prosecutor to prosecute police officers who falsified Autuhovich charges of terrorism. In court, the prosecution is not confirmed. However, the prosecutor's office opened a case against unscrupulous investigators and did not even respond to the applicants on their appeal, says human rights activist Oleg Volchek:

It is not known now where we have to go if he Attorney General Vasiljevic ignore our requests.

"We believe it is especially because they have nothing to respond to our legitimate demand. At the trial of Autukhovich everyone could see that the investigators tortured, blackmailed witness to those stipulated Autuhovich. It is not known now where we have to go if he Attorney General Vasiljevic ignore our requests. "

By December 1, will be in the FCT — type rooms — Prisoner of Bobruisk colony Andrey Bondarenko. Father concluded Valeri Bondarenko learned about this from a letter of his son. It is noteworthy that the very Andrey Bondarenko while in PBC does not receive any mail:

"The letters do not reach, no newspapers. Registered letter, which he sent sister Ira, also did not make it. Wrote that he should be released from FCT December 1. "

Even that last week's Supreme Court protest against the verdict of the Minsk City Court Andrei Bondarenko, a prisoner does not know — it was the conclusion of a letter Valeri Bondarenko son.

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Entrepreneur of Vawkavysk Autukhovich and former military Vladimir Osipenko, who were accused of plotting a terrorist act against senior officials of his guilt in court is not recognized and stated that they are being persecuted for anti-corruption activities. Both were arrested on 8 February 2009. Autukhovich was sentenced to 5 years 2 months in prison for illegal possession of ammunition, Vladimir Osipenko to 3 years before the illegal circulation of weapons. Mikhail Kozlov, who was also convicted in the case, in August, was freed under an amnesty after a year of arrest.

Andrey Bondarenko

UCP activist Andrei Bondarenko pleads not guilty and explains the persecution for political reasons. In particular, in retaliation for participation in the 2008 parliamentary elections. In early 2010, the businessman was sentenced to 6 years with confiscation of property for the theft of company property. Bondarenko is behind bars since mid-2009.


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