Beginning of the end of the world will be in Valdai?


In the area of the Valdai Hills is Kuzmolovsky tract. Here alone dense forests, and the nearest village about 20 kilometers. It is these protected places are sometimes known for their incredible miracles. And here at all lately hell is going on! In the tract is a place where reality itself disappears.

In October 2007, one of the local foresters Mikhail Chumakov went in the hole to inspect the site, which decided to send a timber after a major fire. I completely burned the tops of pine trees, but the trunks remained.

Here is what the gamekeeper:

— I'm coming, then the path, and then my dog Karym bunny scared and drove it into the swamp. Well, I realized that he would run back from there and went toward vidnevsheysya glade of trees, where, according to my calculations, Karym expel oblique.

Stood at the edge of the clearing and wait. I hear you — barking Karymov approaching. I ruzhishko prepared, and here and hare jumped out to a clearing behind him Karym. Aim — and suddenly my eyes hare as it disappeared into thin air! Karym also stopped, looking around — what wonders! And with a guilty muzzle me running. So quietly. And imagine this scene: in slow motion disappears dog's head, torso …

I fear as much hair on his head moved. I stand up, then, and I'm afraid to come closer. Slightly oklemalsya, picked up a stick and threw it in the place where Karym evaporated. Stick a couple of meters to the ground and did not reach disappeared. And then drizzled dozhdishko, I peered closer and see — a perfect circle with a diameter of five meters and a height of about a man's height is drawn in the rain. Or rather, how shall I say, in this circle is not raining …

After that Karym not appeared, and Michael, frightened and shocked, he returned home.

After that, he was in the "enchanted" place a couple of times to find that it disappears any, got there, objects. However, the most frightening was the fact that the range is constantly expanding. A lot of trees have been felled trunks like a saw cut. In one of the trips Chumakov drew attention to a big stump, which was not far from the circle. And the next time he saw him no longer, his "swallowed" circle.

This story came up to the scientists, and to the press. The researchers have been at least three hypotheses that describe the device sinister spots. First, when an object enters the area of the anomaly, then it falls into the molecule. Second: it's a portal to a parallel world where everything goes. Third, in the area mysteriously appeared wave collapse. Scientists can not explain how he could take. The cause may be a natural phenomenon, and otherworldly forces, and even aliens.

However, the concern is the fact that with each passing second spot is 8 millimeters more. If this pace continues, it is only ten years will it take to "zone disappearances" crawled to the major cities, St. Petersburg or Moscow, for example. Perhaps this is the promised end of the world?

By the way, these "zones" recorded in other parts of the world. One of them is Vermont USA. In this mysterious place that bears the name of "The Long Pass", from 1945 to 1950 lost six people. Only managed to find the body of one of them.

First disappeared Midden Rivers. In November 1945, the woman went hunting in the forest, which is located around a long pass. She is well focused in these areas, and could hardly get lost. However, hunting Midden not returned. The surrounding forest was carefully combed the police and local residents, but no trace could not be found.

And in December 1946 Paula Welden vanished 18 years. The day before, she said her neighbor in the dormitory for students of Bennington, which is going for a walk. A little later saw her local journalist, who asked the girl how to get to the Long passes.

December 1, 1949, after visiting the surrounding area of the pass did not return home, James Telford.

At the beginning of 1950 disappeared Frieda Langer. Acquaintances said that she knew the place well and could not get lost.

November 1950 marked the theft of Martha Jones. She lived in Virginia is different, so similar at first believed that she was with him. However, he said he had not seen for a long time Martha.

In December 1950 a local resident Frank Christman on the phone told her friend that leaves him. But after a few hours, he did not show up.

May 12, 1951 in one of the clearings in the woods found the body of one of the missing women — Frida Langer. However, before combing the area and nothing was found, so that the body is likely to bring someone back.

There is a hypothesis that long pass — this anomalous zone. Often, these sites can attract the creatures, "enticing" a trap. By the way, the old-timers say that people in those places disappeared and continue to disappear until now. No explanation for this yet.

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