Belarus has decided to eliminate stocks of highly enriched uranium

This is stated in a joint statement, the United States and Belarus, adopted at the end of the meeting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov at the OSCE summit in Astana.

"The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus announced that Belarus decided to eliminate all of its stocks of highly enriched uranium and intends to implement it by the next summit on nuclear security in 2012, "- said in a joint statement.

The United States will provide technical and financial assistance to possible speedy implementation of these measures.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at a meeting with Sergei Martynov of Belarus thanked for the decision to renounce possession of stocks of highly enriched uranium. "This is a very a significant and important step in Belarus ", — said Hillary Clinton. U.S. Secretary of State said he expects to visit the Belarusian delegation at the summit on nuclear security in 2012 in order" to celebrate the completion of this important cause. "

Writes, commenting on the event, The New York Times, "the Obama administration has achieved a victory in their efforts to stop the expansion of nuclear materials in the world, having signed an agreement with nesastuplivay the former Soviet republic."

The U.S. authorities for months unsuccessfully sought from Belarus to abandon nuclear stockpiles. As a result, Belarus in April, was not invited to the summit hosted by Barack Obama on nuclear security with the participation of 47 countries, where the refusal of their nuclear stockpiles declared Ukraine.

Now Belarus was invited to participate in the next global nuclear summit in 2012 in South Korea. By the time she was going to get rid of their nuclear stockpiles. In 1994, Belarus agreed to give up its nuclear weapons left on its territory after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

As for the number of highly-enriched uranium in Belarus have conflicting information. In April, Lukashenko said that his country had "hundreds of pounds" zbroegatovaga uranium, but some sources are quoted saying another top Belarusian officials about 90 kilograms.

According to estimates by the Center James Martin, who delves nepashyrenne nuclear weapons, Belarus has from 170 to 370 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, of which least 40 kilograms of enriched up to 90 percent of the level of treatment that is sufficient to make a nuclear bomb. Officials at the summit in Astana, said that Belarus reserves are 220 kilograms of highly enriched uranium.

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