Belarus will endure — will revive the Slavic world

Ivan Petrov

Recently held in Kiev X-Slav Congress

Several hundred delegates from different countries to develop a strategy for further development of the Slavic movement, thought about the current situation in their countries and discussed the dangers that threaten today Slavic world.

The work was the adopted documents, as well as referral by the Slavs living in all corners of our planet. Special attention is paid to members of the Congress of the situation in Belarus on the eve of the presidential election.

His message to the Belarusian people sent as separate delegations Forum and the International Slavic Committee.

In particular, in his address said:

"Dear voters, hard-working and heroic people of Belarus! Two decades have passed, as previously lived in the unbreakable friendship and close collaboration of the fraternal peoples of all Slavic nations divided strict visa limits and have to survive, to make ends meet every man for himself. The so-called sovereignty in most Slavic countries is actually a complacency of politicians and those in power, and in fact represents the essence of begging at the threshold of rich and well-fed Europe. Economy and standard of living of the majority of the population in the Slavic countries are in poverty, and leading the industry before or eliminated, destroyed or preserved and can not be reversed. Slavic countries are interested in the powerful only as suppliers of raw materials and cheap labor. For this they generously paid work all organizations, institutions and candidates ostensibly in support of the "right of democracy." What kind of "democracy" — we have already seen their countries and are deeply sorry for the lost.

We can not give up a bright "beam" in the "darkness" — is inflexible and not bowed to anyone Belarus.

Let it not offend you our appeal.

You Belarusians — proud and having the honor of the people. However, our concern is that too many hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the so-called support of democracy in Belarus by those who thus brought to the miserable state of our state. Big money and also have great cunning. Hopefully, you will not succumb to this time. Belarus will stand, then revived and we — the rest of the Slavs.

We — the delegates of 11 Slavic states — hope your right choice! "

Based on the proposals received from the national committees of the Slavic, and given the great services in support of the Slavic movement and union of brotherly peoples, Congress decided to elect the Honorary President of the International Slavic Committee of Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

It was also decided to provide full support to its diverse activities.

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