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On the death of Bella Ahmadulina — One of the most bright poets of the sixties — first reported in his blog on LiveJournal writer Evgeny Popov. Later confirmed the sad news of the Writers' Union of Moscow.

Peter Weill eve syamidesyatsigoddya Bella Ahmadulina dedicated her essay, published on the website of Radio Liberty. Give him this completely.

"Bella Ahmadulina of all poetic heroes 60s, which then significantly and all-voiced, the only happily avoided the dangerous bends of civic poetry that is written to God knows where its more active counterparts. It has always been a lyricist, writer deeply intimate, and that it was at that time among the thinkers, is not talking about it, and about time.

Forty to forty five years intimate lyrics were equally innovative, revolutionary discovery as space. How the West as the truth about our history, how ironic prose. Thaw the Company was exempted from all directions, including — depth. Besides poetry arose in an emergency — for example, the military Simonovskiy "Wait for me." In the 60's came back forgotten for decades the idea of purity.

The paradox of civic poetry is that the more often and consistently poet develops social motives, the less interest to the community it represents. A set of social trends is limited, moral mentoring quickly becomes annoying, turning into an article. At that broke off the big Mayakovsky. All the more so — Poetic fighters 60s, which was not needed in the new thaw — the late 80's, 90's.

Poetry survives, provided nevycherpnastsyu the simplest — but always personal — feelings.

In this detailed and elaborate (and the world, and a separate Russian poetry) field Bella Ahmadulina not lost — not only because of its lyrics are good, but also because it has found its own special theme. A clear and constant emotion in her poetry — but love — friendship.

This is both understandable and strange. In the 60 split monolith of public consciousness, and that informal group of like-minded were the sources of the free expression of the will and consciousness. "His" trusted each other — other. Ahmadulina know how to be friends, "May we be addicted to your friends! / K, we think they are great!" But — Wysocki: "I praise and love is not rejected the fatal cup. / In an embrace care — higher and higher, farther, cleaner … / We are not stingy, and our hearts are broken, / Just so fair. After all, if not ours, something — someone's that? "Okudzhava:" As long as the blue vein / madness watered temple, / Bulat, Take me with you! / I love your light little sleigh. "

This, she wrote: "The ferocity of friendship in the world is love."

Here — after intelligible — there comes a strange. This feeling is considered to be a privilege of men. After all, we are talking about classic men's friendship. Not knowing is impossible to imagine that these lines were written the woman: "Today, as an adult and sober, / I want to have dinner in the middle of friends." Here is heard even a Caucasian accent, horseman says. That's at Ahmadulina with Georgia have such a long mutual love.

The main male singer tsyabrovstva — a woman. Bella Ahmadulina. Of those companies, and her friendship grew Russian public opinion — which is lacking in Russia today: largely because one might think that so much weakened institution of friendship. Circle of friends, among whom you want to have dinner.


Poet Bella Akhmadulina entered Russian poetry during the Khrushchev "thaw." Back in Litinstitute it was published in literary journals and handwritten "syntax." In 1959, she was expelled from the institute — for having opposed the persecution of Pasternak. Later, however, was restored.

The first collection of poems — "string" — was released in 1962. And it was a success. However, the next book — in 1968 — was published in the émigré publishing house "Seeding". Time of the "thaw" ended, the country was part of the Brezhnev era of stagnation.

It is known that the later poet collections were censored. In the 70's came out a few books Ahmadulina — "Music Lessons" (1970), "Poems" (1975), "Candle" (1977), "Dreams of Georgia" (1977, 1979), "Snowstorm" (1977).

In the 80-ies. out collections of "Mystery" (1983), "The Garden" (1987), in 1988 — "Favorites".

In the 90-ies. is more than 10 of her books. In 1997 he published a three-volume collection of works.

In 1989 Ahmadulina was awarded the State Prize of the USSR. And in 1994 she won the "Triumph".

Bella Ahmadulina did not live up to 74 years old — she was born on April 10, 1937

Bella Akhmadulina, 1962

Leonid Kuravlev (left) and Bella Ahmadulina (right) in the movie Basil Shukshina "lives a guy"

Bella Akhmadulina, 1984

Russian President Boris Yeltsin (left) and poet Bella Akhmadulina (right), awarded the Order "For Services to the Fatherland» III degree

Poet Bella Akhmadulina — State Prize of the Russian Federation in 2004 in the field of literature and art

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