Body — mind curdy

Body - mind curdyIn the old Russian school self body believed curdy consciousness because of its ability to imprint and store knowledge (images). Let me explain to you an example. Recently I rule his spine and remembered how as a child fell from a mulberry straight back. Body remembered the wild pain I felt when she tried to get up. At the same time I remembered, I was approached by a brother, and I asked him not to tell his grandmother. The image of his brother and talk to him clearly emerged out of consciousness. But personal experience as if they were printed directly on the body.

Lesion can be felt on the body as a more dense and painful. In fact, all the body of an adult man and even the child feels more dense and less sensitive than the infant's body. It is as if covered with a crust. This old crust called the mainland. Continent — a memory of the encounters with the world of nature, it can get registered by the interaction with the Earth. Mainland corresponds to the density with which we meet this planet.

In addition to the mainland, each person has a personal history of contact with the natural world and the human world through the body. Dog biting someone, someone poisoned watermelon, some sunburn, some are a lot of beating someone professionally involved in sports, etc. Very often, physical damage do not go unnoticed. They leave marks on the body and mind. Clearly visible lesions at cutting skins of animals. In contrast to the soft and supple leather, these areas are hard and brittle as glass. Perhaps that is why the affected area of the body called the Russian Sklyanov.

Sklyanov formed because at the time of the defeat of the body, people do not find the strength to live his pain, he stopped her and left in the body. And along with unreleased pain consciousness remained restrained: screams, groans, tears, words and decisions, fears, etc. All of them are kept in mind for physical pain. Because of this, clarification of certain areas of consciousness, is impossible without bodywork.

On the other hand, cleansing the body from Sklyanov impossible without purification of the consciousness. It is not enough to rule joints, relieve tension in the muscles, or inflammation of internal organs. If you do not work with the knowledge that sooner or later everything will be back to square one: reduction bell will again fall, mashed hurt again nachet whining and seemingly cured inflammation emerge at the first cold.

In Russia, the healers know when working with the body at the same time working with the mind. And with the body itself to work as a curdy consciousness, that is, as a matter that can contain and store images.

For example, there is a healing practice, like honey extractor. If you see the body, only the flesh, the substance in the following extract: honey hammered on the affected area of the body, and then pulled together with physiological slag. If we work with the body, as with curdy consciousness, then you will notice that the honey is able to enter into the interaction and influence on the mind. No accident that the ancient Greek philosophers called consciousness wax plate. And then extract changes from dull clank on the patient's body to the psychological work, in which the patient takes away from your mind the fact that so many years kept the disease in his body.

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