Brawl at Ravens end reconciliation with kisses

Ornithologists have found that vorony quarreled shortly after intense clashes begin to make up, touching each other's beak and feathers mutually scrubbing. This behavior was first observed in birds.
In the behavior of primates, as well as other social mammals, is common practice reconciliation: after an argument, the participants behave with each other far more cordial and attentive. This is manifested particularly clearly, if the participants were skirmishes in the "friendly" allied relations within the group.

According to zoologists, such reconciliation make "friendship stronger" — in other words, do not allow the group to remain under the influence of momentary gusts mood.

Researchers from the University of Vienna (Austria), to his surprise, found similar scenes of reconciliation in ravens (Corvus corax). Angry, these birds can chase each other and reward kicks, but if "in life," they are in close social contact, after the scandal necessarily tolerated. Usually remorse overtakes Ravens in the first ten minutes of the fight. And this is not a normal expression of friendship. Birds sit side by side and touch each other's beaks, and even clean each other feathers.

In contrast to the same primates who have touched — this is everyday language of communication in vorony normally not prone to such "tenderness." Therefore, they have a touch of something extraordinary. And it is precisely this behavior birds showed after quarrels and fights.

Article describing the laity ravens, published in online journal PLoS ONE.

More inclined to accept all those ravens that are in the closest relationship — shared food and protect each other from attacks. Of particular interest the Vienna ornithologists adds that such behavior reconciliation is the first time in birds. By the way, these same researchers had previously shown a tendency to comfort Ravens team members who, for one reason or another, lost in the fray. Then the scientists probably just overlooked …

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