BSA Fatherland celebrates 20th anniversary


November 26 in Minsk will host a grand party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland."

Back in 1990, the founders of the "motherland," said the ambitious goal — to combine into a single community of all Belarusians, in whatever country they happen to be. Today, the organization brings together 135 of the Belarusian communities in 20 countries.

Over the years, "Fatherland" was headed by prominent figures of Belarusian independence — Writer Vasil Bykov, scientist Radim Haretski, historian Anatoly Gritskevich, artist Alexei Marochkin.

Says the head of the World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland" Elena Makovskaya:

We came to the conclusion that it is necessary to work here, in Belarus …

"Fatherland" is working to strengthen civil society in Belarus. So many Belarusians who now go get lost for our country, because they do not belong to the Belarusian culture, they do not have the Belarusian identity. Therefore, they very quickly asymilyuyutstsa and join other media. Over time, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to work here in Belarus. In this regard, in 2008 we began to work with a number of community organizations, initiatives of Belarus, the company "We Belarusians". Today we have a lot more. "

In all the years the "Fatherland" really get to perform humanitarian role — to bring people together.

Lily Plygavka, Director of the Belarusian language and literature, and ethnic culture of Vilnius Pedagogical University:

"If a person is outside of his homeland, he is always looking for her, relatives. If there is a center that helps unite, helps you find contacts, it is very important. Fact that this organization has 20 years of performing such a mission — a sign of confidence , a sign of respect. "

Chairman of the Federal National Cultural Autonomy "Belarusians of Russia" Valery Kazakov used the opportunity to benefit the organization:

Adam and I are working on a handbook Maldis "Belarusians Borderland" …

"To understand what it is we are working on Adam Maldis very serious encyclopedic guide" Belarusians borderland. "And we'd like your listeners popular radio station to ask: who knows what information to send to us. We are interested in not only the figures, but and the stories of communities of which we may not know the publishers that existed in these border areas. "

The greatest secret of association — how to preserve national identity in a globalized world. Explains Hope Sychugova, a representative of the younger generation of motion:

"It's important to be great. Having the ability to communicate in several languages — including English, in Belarusian. And thus demonstrate their Belarusian and Belarusian identity. And" Homeland "this is very helpful."

Take part in the celebration invited members of organizations from around the world.

"We are waiting for the Belarusians of Bialystok, Belarusians in Lithuania and Estonia — our neighbors. Course, Belarusians from abroad probably will not," — says Elena Makovskaya.

November 26 in the opening party will take part the Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko. Congratulations "Homeland" will be the group "Stary Olsa" and "Unia", as well as music Ales Kamotskii and Lavon Wolski.


Makovskaya, sidetracking "Fatherland" Plygavka, Sychugova

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