Bulgarian divers found the sunken city

September 13, 2012 10:26

Eight professional divers, led by the deputy. Director of the National Historical Museum (INM) Assoc. Dr. Ivan Christ, in the Gulf Vromos under water, south of the early Byzantine fortress of Acre near Chernomorets found ancient harbor and bazaar.

According to archaeologists, most likely in a given place small ships were unloading the goods intended for the people of the peninsula of Sveti Nikola (today located in the city Chernomorets).

During underwater research group BAT came across a lot of construction and household pottery, animal bones, and whole blocks of stone structures, vessels, and part of them are of different ages.

Items give information on korableplavanie this part of the Bulgarian coast. "Most of the remains in the fortress of Acre suggests that they came here through the Bosporus," said Dr. Ivan Hristov.

This summer, archaeologists there discovered and ancient construction dock, which is a wooden construction of fencing, which in principle are built to the XIX century. Wharf is near the sea flooded part of the fortress of Acre, dated VI century of the early Byzantine period.

Also divers found traces of recent times — the basis of the old fishermen's huts XIX century wreck, crashed on the rocks of Cape Acre in XX century.

According to archaeologists, the results of only five days of the expedition, which should be completed in late September. And the participants are waiting for a lot of surprises.

According to Assoc. Dr. Christ hiding place another object — is found and well-preserved bunkers from the Second World War with a complex underground labyrinth. "Adding to the archaeological discoveries, these bunkers could be one incredible attraction," believe Christ.

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