Burning forests of Transbaikalia

In Transbaikalia are 9 fires in seven districts of the region to the total area of 144.5 hectares, of which 4 are localized, "Interfax" the press service of regional EMERCOM.
For the past day the fire was extinguished 22 focus on an area of 626.2 hectares of forest, their main reason was the human factor, the report said.
According to the press service, the forest fire attracted 419 people and 33 pieces of equipment.
Since the beginning of fire season in the Trans-Baikal region recorded 58 forest fires in the area of 1892.8 hectares.
In Primorye, for the last day as 15 wildfires on an area of 273.5 hectares. Their extinction employed more than 150 people and 74 pieces of equipment. All fires are eliminated.

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