Candidates dispersed by region

Opposition candidates meet with voters in different cities of Belarus. While on the pre-election meeting comes a few people. Applicants complain that the local press does not want to print the announcement of their appointment. On first impressions of the meetings and travel schedules the next presidential candidates.

The leader in meetings with voters in the regions today — the candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk, who has already visited seven cities of Brest and Minsk regions. Today he is in Baranovichi, and on weekends to visit Maladzechna, Orsha, Grodno. While not all of these meetings comes a lot of people said Romanchuk:

Yaroslav Romanchuk agitating residents Kobrin, November 22

"When we first started dating, we realized that for the preparation of the meeting 2 days — it is very small, especially since the local authorities have banned television, newspapers publish advertisements about these meetings. And because only through leaflets, through the contacts to work, it is very difficult to . and therefore come to the meetings are not very many people, but I think if the election commission will start working according to the law, perform their duties and to inform voters about the meetings, then it will be much better. Besides, I think that is closer to the election, in December, the people at the meetings will be more. "

At the end of this week Yaroslav Romanchuk is going to visit his native village and Sapotskin the Grodno region.

Andrei Sannikov yesterday held its first meeting in Minsk region. In Moscow, at a meeting at the House of Culture attended by 200 people, Saligorsk — about 100. Today Mr. Sannikov in Borisov, on the weekend will be in Kobryn, Brest and Baranovichi.

Andrei Sannikov, Minsk, November 19

"First trip confirmed what I saw while collecting signatures. Slutzk I was in and Saligorsk, there are protests, very strong, but there is hope. And people talk about this and hope that you need to do to really change the situation in the country. And it is very good because more people are involved in this discussion, and after it is included in the campaign. "

Andrei Sannikov before the end of the campaign is going to visit all the major cities of Belarus.

First meeting yesterday held in Mogilev Vladimir Nyaklyaeu. In the assembly hall on the outskirts of the city came about 100 people, said spokesman Neklyaeva Julia Rimashevskaya:

Nyaklyayeu, Mogilev, Nov. 25

"The main issue that was discussed — this is how and where to get the money to Belarus if it will change the president. Accordingly, it was around this whole discussion: and if they know they take money from today, they are unsure whether that lend money — it is the only source of getting resources. Secondly, people cared social policies, benefits, education. "

Julia Rimashevskaya says that there are certain problems and shortcomings with the organization of meetings, but they are solved. Nyaklyayeu this Saturday visit Orsha, Sunday — Vitebsk.

The candidate of the BCD Vitaly Rymashevski visited Bobruisk, cry Asipovičy. He prefers to picket, as local authorities give the hall in the suburbs, where it is difficult to gather a lot of people.

Vitaly Rymashevski and Paul Seviarynets, Minsk

"This is a violation of the right to free elections, as to meet the people in convenient locations possible. As for outdoor meetings, for them dedicated dog lover, some swamp areas on the outskirts. So we meet there, where we are convenient. So it was in Bobruisk, where we met for two hours with people at the entrance to the station. 300 people participated in the meeting, because it is a crowded place. "

Mr. Rymashevski said that during his meetings in Bobruisk more than 30 people signed up in the BCD and observers at the polling stations:

"If it's not the mood of protest, then what? People are ready and waiting for an alternative. Fact that people are tired of Lukashenko that he does not gaining 50 percent of the vote in the first round, will not he, if he does not falsify elections — it is absolutely clear. "

The candidate of the Popular Front Gregory Kastusyou today went to the first campaign trips on the route Drybin — Slides — Orsha. On Saturday, he will visit Sluck, Sunday — Mogilev, Belynichi, Round, Shkloŭ, and then schedule his trips painted until December 18.

Gregory Kastusyou, Vitebsk, October 12

"We have concluded that it is meeting with people who have the greatest positive effect. Presence of the candidate in humans is of great interest. Most of the people with whom we meet, we are positive, they say that they have become our fans. And these people by talking with their neighbors , with her relatives, they will be more like our agitators. "

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