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In the last part of the review blogosphere reaction to the interventions of the presidential candidates this criterion was defined line — "in order of decreasing confidence in their own words, and caused them hope for a change of fate." Now, on reflection, I see that the word "and" is completely absurd, it should be replaced by "or". Because some candidates, no matter how confident they were in their own words, and the possibility of victory, could not infect this confidence Belarusian bloggers. In general, the other seven independent candidates lose Nyaklyaeu and Statkievich in the blogosphere by a wide margin, if not — completely.

Nyaklyayeu, primarily due to financial and organizational resource of the company, was able to convince the bloggers that he — Lukashenko's main rival in the election, and (in many ways, of course) was evaluated from this point of view. Statkevich received the most positive reviews at the slightest of negative as a "tribune of the people," can "light the people." The blogger a_legista called it in a negative sense, the "rowdy", but that his "debashyrstvam" he seems to have liked and others.

As for the other candidates, I would say that they were considered "a burden" as an optional appendage. No, almost every somebody found a good word, even for Dmitri Uss — for the fact that he "had the courage" to get involved in the election with the opposition, despite serious health problems. However, no one was even close to as many responses with exclamation marks, as Statkevich. And no one more than Vladimir Neklyaeva not have been treated as a real alternative candidate for the presidential post. At least on this scale, so that you can put on the same footing.

Andrei Sannikov

Based on the results of an anonymous online survey of Andrei Sannikov, often called "the most popular candidate in the network." In that case, you need to consider his performance on TV failure. Dry figures: it preferred to only 1.9% (!) Of the 106 survey participants by_politics (The same result in Tereshchenko), and the "secular" community minsk_by — 12.9% of 272 participants (third place after Neklyaeva and Romanchuk), which is not very convincing for the "most popular candidate in the network."

What spoiled the experience bloggers:

vsevolod_volkov: "Sannikov very funny spied in the paper. In itself padglyadvanne look more decent than Michalevic a laptop, but the moments in which the required tips …

"And everyone saw that near the stands with his photos was empty. Pickets on the collection of signatures for his teachers were rounded up, vyhavatselek kindergartens, but people did not come to them. (Bright in a piece of paper, a pause.) No one came because Lukashenka has no support of the people. (bright in the paper.) And he knows it! '"

ivit_z: "Sannikov cheerful started talking gop, not jumping. And then it became very boring to listen to. So why waste your time? "

roma_stefanenko: "Kastusyou and Sannikov. Both live in a fantasy world, both are inadequate. Nothing new, nothing interesting. "

lipski: "Stayed in the opposition discourse (dictatorship, dictatorship), said things that people are not interested in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, a lot of reading from the paper, bad accents. Well, thanks to Dmitry Anatolyevich … "

master_ski: "Reading the paper for most of the performance. Lists the names of trustees, most of whom are unknown to me, the more — the average voter. Reflection bows to the Russian president … "

Also liked his performance mainly for the "radicalism". But the radicalism of Andrei Sannikov, in contrast to the radicalism of the same Statkevich, was, first, paper, and secondly, stylistically very cliches. How to write "Andrei Sannikov came on air, apparently, with a sheet set printed materials," Charter 97 "."

Yaroslav Romanchuk

In the above mentioned surveys his performance was 11.5% and 13.4% of the vote. Perceived was mainly positive, but without any strong emotion, exactly. In my opinion, it is obvious that Yaroslav was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Performance in the style of "telekramy on the couch" would come up to some paradise where elections are a waste of ritual change of parties in the TV where there is nothing "fateful" and not badannem calf with oak.

However, like his televised address to the former health workers pensiyanertsy mother blogger alyonaby, which besides three voted for the incumbent:

"Tolls and 19:07 (at 19:00 he began to speak) and says," Turn on the TV, on BT candidate for whom I will vote "… Mom had a strong case, "Romanchuk not curse Lukashenko, speaking without a religious plaque. Without papers. And in Russian. '"

The blogger mach13 Jaroslav praised for pazytyvnasts:

"Very pleased with Romanchuk. Saying exactly what I wanted to hear and that's the way I wanted to hear. Very classy speech, tried when cooking. Yes, and it can be seen that a well-prepared, work on — adtaratoryv without stopping, as on the clock. Do not go to the person, do not touch nor Kohl, nor his father, nor Yarmoshyna. Everything is very intelligent and friendly. Generally, a person focused on the positive things — on what can and should be done to improve the situation in the country. "

There are those among Belarusians who demanded style paradise. But who's to say how many.

Vitaly Rymashevski

For performance Rymasheuski voted 5.0% and 8.7% of apytanak. Not so little for young and little-known politician. "Not bad", "okay", "I was expecting the worst," "pleasantly surprised", "improved my attitude to the BCD", etc.

"V.Rimashevsky — such infernalny blyandynchyk like a grown up fairy trucik Yu Demidovich"
. (gigololatino)

Then we wish him every success in the next year — the year of the rabbit.


Speech Ales appreciated 10.6% and 5.05 apytanak participants. These figures I am personally very surprised, because in addition to the head of his staff blogger andrey_rozumI did not see you, whoever spoke about the performance of Michalevic kamplimentarna, but saw dozens of spiny and devastating comment. Here's another blogger iva_dim, who believes the best candidate Lukashenko, called Ales "most appropriate." It could be said, though Oles managed to win the presidential vote of the electorate, but the vote is a blogger for it is going. Rather, Michalevic simply meet the requirements of the President to the "constructive opposition", that is such opposition, which is not the opposition.

Gregory Kastusyou

For the performance of Gregory Kastusiou voted 3.8% and 2.5% of apytanak. Perhaps exhaustively spoke about it head_of_babulka:

"Kastusyou seems so normal guy with whom you can talk and argue. Do not pompous, love the motherland and all that … However, I vote for him I would not. "


"I do not know exactly what he needs from the race, but certainly not to be president". (kirilllka)

"Tereschenko stupidly felt my patience and won. I switched. " (samira77)

His performa
nce was 1.9% and 1.1% of the vote.

Dmitry Uss

At first he was reviled and persecuted, and then, after learning of his health problems, who said, "so why should get involved?" Who praised for his courage. But its 2.9% and 1.4% of the vote, he is likely to get just "for fun".

Alexander Lukashenko

Photo taken bloggers hudzilin. Conscripts looking information program in the "room entertainment and information." Belarus, September 2010 View Evening News is a daily routine and mandatory for all military personnel. 21:00 And all the persons required to view the stock release information program "Panorama" on the First Channel of the Belarusian TV.

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