Cause of leakage of contaminated water from the Fukushima-1 is still unknown

Emergency operator NPP "Fukushima-1" (the company Tokyo Electric Power (Thurso)) does not identify the source of leaks of radioactive water in the room of the second reactor. "According to Petersen, the water level in the concrete tunnel of the second reactor up to 10 cm, after a water leak into the ocean was stopped on Wednesday," — said broadcaster NHK.

According to Petersen, the gap between the water surface and the edge of the tunnel, according to 07:00 local time on Saturday, at 94 cm, which denies any possibility of leakage of radioactive water from the overflow tunnel. In addition, the company continues to discharge low-level radioactive water into the ocean to make room for more serious radioactive water.

According to Petersen, is 7700 tons of low-level radioactive water was drained into the sea, and by the end of Saturday, April 9 is expected to lose another 800 tons. Separately, the operation is conducted by injecting nitrogen into the first reactor "Fukushima-1", the concentration of which plans to Thurso from 98% to 99.8%, reports "Interfax".
March 11 off the coast of Japan's magnitude 9.1 earthquake and powerful tsunami. As a result of a problem in a number of nuclear power plants, the most serious — the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" in the prefecture of Miyagi. On it as a result of a failure of the reactor cooling system, there were several fires and explosions. Because of this, there was a radiation leak — both in the atmosphere and in the water. Of the 20-kilometer zone from the plant have been evacuated residents. In tap water, the areas adjacent to the station, there were excess concentration of isotopes of iodine-131. Vegetables, milk and beef from Miyagi prefecture also contaminated with radiation.
On the night of 7 to 8 April off the coast of Japan was another earthquake of magnitude 7.4 (6 points out of 7 on the Japanese seismic scale), in which according to preliminary data, two people were killed and over 100 injured. In several regions of a number of prefectures power outage, there were fires and gas leaks. Also at the nuclear power plant in Aomori Higasidori faulty external power source of the first reactor, and cooling the tank with spent fuel was activated backup generator. External power supply was disrupted and at the station for reprocessing spent nuclear fuel in Rokkasho Aomori prefecture, which also was involved redundant power supply.

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