CEC denies warns disagrees

Presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski and Nikolai Statkevich today, the Central Election Commission issued a formal warning. The CEC refused to consider the abolition of the registration of a candidate for president Alexander Lukashenko, and did not allow observers clock surveillance after the boxes for newsletters during the early voting.

The peculiarity of this meeting was the fact that for the first time took part in it members of the Central Election Commission in an advisory capacity. They are candidates for the presidency. And they tried to make changes to the pre-prepared agenda.

Representative Statkevich, former member of the House of Representatives Sergei Skrabets immediately offered to discuss the issue of cancellation of registration of the candidate Alexander Lukashenko:

"The Central Commission may withdraw the candidate without warning in case of exceeding the rate of spending election fund of a candidate for the presidency more than 50 basic units. All we know is that Lukashenko is preparing to conduct a citizen of Belarus People's Congress, which is worth millions of dollars. And it's not 50, but in much more time than it costs for the election campaign. "

However, the permanent members of the CEC this appeal was not heeded. CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna said:

"With regard to the treatment Skrabets, then it is no more than a political statement. It has nothing to do with the electoral law. No documents have not. General, I am not saying that this was not done. A Central Commission" on wheels "does not work" .

Found no support from the adult members of the CEC and the treatment of members in an advisory not to issue a warning to candidates Rymasheuski and Statkevich for appeals to the voters to come to the meeting with the candidates for the October Square. As the proposal during the election campaign will spend on this place and trips.

Today was also an attempt to allow observers to monitor the day and urns for the ballot during the early voting. With such a request to the CEC turned seven candidates except Usa, Lukashenko and Tereshchenko. Co-chairman of the initiative "For Fair Elections-2010" Sergei Kalyakin, who represented their interests, said:

"If the current president of Belarus 90% support, then, members of the Central Executive Committee, give the opportunity to prove it to everyone. Allow observers, to be seen as protected newsletters. Show that in these bulletins, and we will have to agree with it. But if you're close when not see anything … There is a problem. And I do not know why it did not take off. "

But here, support the initiative has not received. Yarmoshyna said that the police — the most neutral citizens, they do not get money from the election commissions. A measure of candidates, the CEC Chairman explained publicly as follows:

"This statement is all to the contrary from some perverse logic that the terms of crooks, liars and falsifiers. I think it's own perception of life the people, that appealed to this statement. "

Yuri Khadika, CEC member with a deliberative vote of the candidate Grigory Kastusiou, in an interview with "Freedom" as summed up today's meeting:

"Well-established procedure. Silent majority vote only for what he is talking Yarmoshina. They absolutely do not listen to others. All efforts jest or in earnest to make the committee members to think about and take something else is obtained. Managed to find understanding only funny fact — round number ballots received in the field. "

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