CEC warned Rymasheuski and Statkevich

Presidential candidates Vital Rymasheuski and Nikolai Statkevich at the CEC meeting today were handed an official warning. They were charged with violating the law on mass events.

For the prevention of Rymasheuski CEC members voted unanimously, with the vote "for" Statkievich one member of the commission — Nikolai Lozovik voted against it. He explained that he did not have to do Statkievich political advertising, which he so wants.

During the discussion, the group members of the CEC in an advisory capacity (Yuri Khadika, Protko Tatiana, Tatiana Shaputska) Proposed not to issue warnings Rymasheuski and Statkevich and contact the Minsk City Council with a proposal for a while campaign exclude an area from the list of places where you can not hold public events. However, voted against the proposal all the members of the CEC.

CEC Chairman Lidiya Yarmoshyna added:

"This is a CEC decision is final and can not be appealed to the Supreme Court."


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