Changes in the Earths magnetic field


European Geophysics claim that they have discovered a fairly rapid and significant changes in the distribution of the mass of the liquid core of the planet, and the molten metal in the immediate vicinity. All of these changes affect the Earth's magnetic field and indirectly affect the work of many services on the planet's surface and its orbit.

According to experts from the German Research Centre for Geophysics and Danish scientists from the National Space Institute, with the help of German CHAMP satellite and the Danish Orstaed managed to fix the flow at the external borders of the earth's core at a depth of 3500 km, writes

The observations by satellites and ground stations took place over 9 years. During that time, were studied in detail the magnetic field of the planet and a model describing the behavior of the outer layers of the core and the molten metal near it.

German experts say that over the past few years has begun to change their model, and the equipment has recorded rapid changes in our planet. Scientists were able to fix a slight deviation of the field caused by the redistribution of the mass of the nucleus.

Uniqueness of the situation is that in order to make the most dramatic changes have taken place, the planet took a little less than a year, which is a very short interval of time, given that the previous change of the magnetic field on the Earth happened about 780,000 years ago.

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