Children of the new time

November 28, 2012 0:28

In today's world there are very gifted children, which is called Indigo Children. This concept was first used in America psychic Nancy Ann Tappe in 1982 to mark the children with its opinion indigo aura.
However, the widely spread of the term was in 1990 by the New Age movement. It is believed that these children have an increased level of intelligence. Very sensitive, and sometimes even have telepathic and psychic abilities. Some scholars of indigo children, believe that they represent a new, more perfect race of people who are not satisfied with frying pan with ceramic coating discount which is huge.

They will need something more. They devoted a lot of fiction and non-fiction, but most scientists still disagree on that. What are the causes of this phenomenon.

Despite the apparent existence of indigo children, many critics say that this is a hoax. Parents just like to believe that their child is special. And these children are actually suffering from a mental illness such as attention deficit disorder.
Also expressed the view that more than 70% of children under the age of 10 years and a little more than 40% of children under 25 are children of indigo.
There are no clear criteria by which to distinguish indigo from a simple child, no. Different authors give different features extraordinary children. However, with some signs of almost all researchers agree. Indigo children are usually self-contained and uncommunicative people with high self-esteem, and putting their own interests above the public much. Since childhood, indigo children are against authority recognized by the community and learn about the world of empirical method.

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