Chinese firecrackers


When I first saw this picture, I thought about setting world records or about the creation of giant balloons, but it was much more prosaic.

In our time, everything around talking about the inevitable dominance of China over the world, the greatest strength of this state. Where you will not see — Chinese goods everywhere: from the buttons to the excavator. And could not help thinking that such a ubiquitous country certainly should not have problems with poverty. Certainly not!

In fact, the dirt and poverty prevailing in the Chinese provinces, are not rushing us in the eye, tourists, fascinated by the strange traditions. Of course, the upper strata of society live happily ever after, well, what about the others? How to live ordinary Chinese? That's how they have to adapt to iskhitryatsya and insignificant being, overcoming one of the most important human needs — self-preservation.

That's how people Bintszhou (Binzhou) in Shandong Province (Shandong) came up with a trick in order to ensure their houses with fire: borrow free of gas in the pipes nearby highway, filling it in plastic bags length of about five meters. One can imagine the above average Chinese woman with such a burden.

Although gas and light, carry it home extremely uncomfortable, so they transported him in many ways. And how to keep it at home? Imagine this plastic edifice in our kitchens Khrushchev …




Not only is the use of natural gas in these conditions in the home extremely dangerous. Some people received burns of varying degrees, trying to adapt the system to their plates and burners. But the gas tends to explode, and the material of the bag so unreliable, and even the tiniest flaw in the package may cause irreversible consequences.

Poor people are not even able to connect to the gas line, when to us the presence of the service seems quite natural. And to blame lack of money, and the state, which offers work for pennies, not taking into account the deplorable state of his people.

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