Claimed the life of a combat officer road

Claimed the life of a combat officer roadApril 27 as a result of an accident on one of the capital's streets died Hero of the Russian Federation Guard Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Lebed. Bitter drama lies in the fact that the military officer airborne troops went through several wars waged war in Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia, made counter-terrorism operation in Chechnya and Dagestan, and participated in the fighting in Georgia in 2008, and for all that survived in the worst criteria, and the life he No bullet has taken away the enemy, and not a shell fragment, and the streets of the capital. This again says that the streets and avenues of Russian cities is its own war, where almost all against all. And this war in recent years carries more than 30,000 lives, one of which was the life of the officer Swan.

Anatoly Lebed himself was born in 1963 in a small Estonian town of Valga. In 1981, he was — in the Armed Forces. Anatoly V. graduated from the Lomonosov Aviation Technical Military Academy in 1986 and that same year he was sent to Afghanistan. The first step of his military career ended in 1994, when the order came units derived from the Afghanistan, based in the town of Berdsk. In the words of the officer, he decided to pursue a military service at the time was stupid, because the army is no support from the state and society was not.

But Anatoly Lebed decided not to deviate from the military profession and within a couple of years, returned again to the Armed Forces. Later, the war and the Balkans, and the operation to neutralize the gang groups Ruslan Gelaev, and the undermining of a mine in the Chechen mountains near Ulus-Kert, as a result of which the officer received a severe injury to the foot. But even amputation, which made the Swan disabled in group 2 did not affect his decision to continue to keep doing duty Russian officer. Already being on the prosthesis, Swan continued to participate in combat operations, during one of which the division officer was captured terrorist base in the North Caucasus. For their courage and heroism unprecedented in the Caucasus Anatoly Lebedev received from the President of the title Hero of Russian Federation. Golden Star has become a real recognition of numerous awards and became airborne officer merit, which was added to the three Orders of Courage, the three orders of the Red Star and other awards. In 2008, the Anatoly Swan Order of Saint Zhora (IV degree) for the military operation to force Georgia to peace.

Anatoly Lebed was a real Russian officer — a model for their own employees, and of the heads of many, by the way, too. Own soldiers commander of the 45th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment Maresyev associated with the pilot and with all this were that Swan without legs are not only fly, but also fighting a war in the Caucasus mountains.

Specifically for such people and keeps Russian army, it is their can and should give an example to those states that army Of — it's endless corruption, bullying and ignorance. Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Swan — The person which came to the Armed Forces, not for their fame or the real benefits. Swan has always stated that everything in his life made voluntarily and was not aware of those who believe that their own kids to hide from service in the Armed Forces.

Claimed the life of a combat officer road

In 2010, in the magazine "Ogonek" came perceptible interview with Anatoly Gryzlov, in which a reporter's question about why the swan looks favorably on military service by conscription, because in the army (quote) "kill kids" officer uttered the remarkable words: "We have little boys killed in the hallways, restaurants, clubs and the school toilets are killed. We have an army — who is this? It's people. What kind of society, such an army. " These words are addressed to those who sees the army as a separate form that does not have a public life of any business.

Death of Colonel Swan — truly an irreparable loss for the Russian army, and the means for the society of which the army is. And, sadly, but this is the destruction once again emphasizes the idea of a combat officer of what is now the possibility of death in Russia is very high in any way whatsoever during his military service. A new front in Russia has long used road that almost 10 mows of thousands of human lives.

The endless memory Hero of Russia Anatoly Lebed — the man which personified and embodies the image of a real Russian officer.

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