Cleaved Greenland scared scientists


Some scientists find the cause of the formation of a new iceberg in global warming. In Greenland, formed a huge iceberg twice the size of Manhattan. Square blocks of ice that broke off the Petermann Glacier is 120 square meters. kilometers, reports The Washington Post.

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Professor at the University of Delaware Andreas Munchou wary of the emergence of a new iceberg: "This event is a concern. Information we have for the last 150 years, and the changes that are happening now, we have not seen. Greenland ice sheet is changing rapidly before our eyes. It reduces not only in size but also in scope. "

The crack on the north-west coast of Greenland occurred over the past three years, but only now have a huge iceberg completely separated. Some experts believe that this may be due to global warming, although hard evidence of this yet.

However, Andreas Munchou not see a direct connection between the increase in air temperature and the behavior of glaciers. "The temperature is not very important, because 80% of the glacier is melting from below, in the ocean," — he said.

According to lead researcher of the Colorado Center Skambosa Ted, now scientists will closely monitor the movement of the new iceberg. "Take some time to understand how much damage it will cause," — said Skambos.

Recall that in 2012 broke away from the Petermann glacier iceberg even larger. Huge block of 260 square meters. km formed between Greenland and Canada in the 1 thousand km. from the North Pole. Back in 2008, Professor Jason Box of Polar Research Center at Ohio University predicted this split. "The separation of the iceberg — it's a matter of time. It is inevitable. This means that other northern Greenland glaciers are melting faster than previously thought," — says boxing four years ago.

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