Climate weapons, salvation or destruction?


In the statistics of natural disasters over the past three years there has been a strange trend — while volcanic eruptions or earthquakes almost no growth, tornadoes, floods, hurricanes and disasters they cause increased several times.

Some experts believe this is an indirect proof of the use of climate weapons, and experiments which cause similar disasters. Direct evidence of this hands-free version can not be — officially banned the use of weapons of international climate convention.

Significantly on the existence of climate weapon is unknown, it has not been seen. But experts who study the possibility of its application, caution — it is able to cause such a devastating blow, which are not under the force of nature itself. Some scientists believe that Hurricane Katrina, which swept over the United States in 2005 and became the most destructive in the history of the country, was the result of climate experiment.

Despite the ban on the use of climate weapons, secret military developments are carried out under the guise of peaceful study of human influence on weather. It is understandable — why would someone know that the country has become the owner of the ideal instrument for the suppression and even complete destruction of the enemy — without firing a shot. Suffice it quietly, without a declaration of war, to throw at the enemy lightning start to his tornado, wake on its territory volcano or an earthquake, and will remain to be seen as the enemy destroyed the economy.

But, at the same time, if a person learns to control the forces of nature, it may be our only chance to protect themselves from the devastating earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. However, the artificial climate change in one part of the Earth, will necessarily affect other parts of our planet. Even the average for Moscow dispersal of clouds is not without side effects. Climate scientists have noticed that as soon as the clouds dispersed over the capital city, in the suburbs and surrounding areas are strong thunderstorms with squally wind. That is why human intervention in the climate lead to irreparable consequences. Scientists predict that within a few decades, the temperature in the capital, can go up to 40-degrees above zero. This humidity reaches 80 percent. At the same time, on the Black Sea temperature is not above 23 degrees with humidity at 50 percent.

Global climate change and its consequences require new forms of existence. According to some researchers, after 10 years, humanity has completely run out of fresh water, most of the fertile land turn into a desert. Around the world, the war will begin for food and territory. Furthermore, in some regions, these processes have started. Scientists predict that in Africa and Asia can develop a strong drought and famine — a consequence of loss of crops. The inhabitants of these regions awaits fate of climate refugees.

Migration crisis will affect the whole world. The planet will begin the great migration of peoples. Australian climatologist Stephen Sherwood predicts that Houston, Tel Aviv, Shanghai and many other large cities now in the near future turn into ghost towns. And all because these places will become too hot and wet. Temperature there will exceed the critical for human beings.



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