Climatic transformation readers eye

Climatic transformation reader's eye

Gulf Stream. Photo: Planet Observer / Universal Images Group

Completed its work the UN climate summit. However, despite the fact that the long-awaited Kyoto Protocol adopted, not everyone is happy with implementation.

Already at the beginning of the summit (November 29) in Mexico City was a protest of environmentalists who called the summit participants more thoughtful approach to solving problems related to the lives of everyone on Earth. They believe that it is necessary to listen to the opinion of workers and farmers, who know "how to act without harm to people and nature."
One view on climate issues, we Received from Nizhny Novgorod, Valery G. Ustinov, who agreed to comment on the vision of ecological transformation of the modern world.

Having worked in the heating systems of the Nizhny Novgorod region the greater part of his life, Valery G. began to understand how the gidroatmosfernye flows. Seeing as the intensity of the Gulf Stream is reduced, increasing the consumption of hydrocarbons, he could not remain indifferent, he began to beat all the bells. Ustinov developed his own theory of recovery climatic balance. To implement it, it is necessary to make the installation of measuring devices in many parts of the Earth, which would determine the amount of residual oxygen, ozone, and other vital substances.

We decided to find out more about it at the very Valery G..
As can be seen in connection with the come climatic metamorphosis, the world cares fading Gulf Stream. What causes these concerns, and how real his death?
VG: First you need to understand what factors influence the Gulf Stream. The main factor is the thread that skirting the Gulf of Mexico, runs parallel to the southern coast of the United States. At the same time, oxygen is moving toward this stream. And this affects the Gulf Stream flow, especially during storms, when it turns direct hit. Gulf Stream, being runner, reacts to the wind flow, that is, the warm water reduces its strength. Besides, there is Labrador (reverse flow), which is cooled down, goes to the depths of the ocean. If not, he can hit the side of the Gulf Stream, which would create a terrible picture. To do this, I want to create a system of impact on flows.
And your theory flows can explain the dry summer in Russia?
VG: That summer stream formed from the Arabian Sea, it caused flooding in Afghanistan, part of India. Rose from the water condensate, causing the temperature rose, went into the Turkmen isotherm. Our area has also become hot. Heat recovery in space did not happen. Even the night-time temperature was 27 degrees Celsius. I'm afraid it could happen again, to take urgent action.
And as the international community responds to statements such as yours?
VG: I tried to warn all, up to the UN. Respond with gratitude for not forgetting about us. But to get something done, you need to figure it out. However, self-interest, the pursuit of their own short-term rewards prevail.
Well, then that should make every citizen of the Russian Federation, in order to prevent dangerous climate change?
VG: The nature of the Earth is much smarter than us. It has a lot of leverage. Nature is not fully reveals his power, did not immediately kill, and hints that we are doing something wrong. Will somehow, and shakes off his half of the ball. Previously, there were some breaks in between disasters. Now something is happening continuously in the world. This will affect the power of each state. A person can influence something only when combined. A group of people like umneet. Nature is responsible for the deterioration of our desire for money, vicious habits. We need to understand it all together, starting with ourselves.

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