Closure of USAID: Moscow poked in the eye of the Obama administration

The Kremlin's decision to put an end to the activities of the U.S. Agency for international growth in Russia — another blow to the "reset" write media. This is a provocative and brutal move aimed at stifling political dissent, comment observers. Moscow hurt the United States, the Republicans claim and require the Obama administration's strong response.

Our homeland has enjoined the United States end financial support for a range of applications, civilian society, including in the areas of support for democracy and health, reports The New York Times. "Brutal step of the Kremlin", "provocative decision" — that journalists regard it Hershenhorn David M. and Ellen Barry.

Kremlin's decision to put an end to 20 years of internationalist United States Agency for Development (USAID) in Russia. Now help strip USAID in Russia is about 50 million dollars a year. "Funds are relatively small, but their non-arrival in the potential devastating blow for the organizations that have come to rely on foreign funding, when inside the Russian Federation tightened control over political life" — the newspaper writes.

Administration The U.S. has already promised to get around obstacles Kremlin: according to an unnamed senior bureaucrat to accelerate work on the creation of a new fund, which Obama administration proposed to do in 2011. Its budget will be the same 50 million, "In fact, it will be a donation to the Wish Foundation, established in accordance with Russian legislation," — explains the creators.

In recent months, the Kremlin has adopted a number of measures to push the non-governmental organizations, and stifle political dissent, recalls newspaper.

Our homeland is not alone: U.S. efforts to build democracy cause irritation in almost all countries, including U.S. allies — Egypt and Pakistan, the newspaper writes. Zabugornye Favorites remember: cool during the war Agency for international growth served as a cover for U.S. intelligence agencies.

It seems however, the very suddenness of the statement of — a symbol that the Russian-American affairs once again deteriorated, according to the creators. In Washington, many outraged: Sen. McCain and said Moscow hurt the U.S. and "poked in the eye" of the Obama administration.

Russian authorities "have intimidated the press, and now are trying to close a public organization," commented the situation as Gregory A. Melkonyants, deputy director of the organization "Voice", receiving grants USAID. "This is the only in Russia-independent organization administering the elections," — says the newspaper. An estimated Melkonyantsa if other sources of funding and will find, is it that a year later.

According to the views of publications, programs that were funded by the United States, the Russian Federation had a decisive assistance, "it was, including efforts to develop capital markets, the monetary system and the mortgage sector." The United States also funded the fight against the spread of tuberculosis, HIV and other programs from health professionals. With the start of oil and gas boom Office has sent more than half of the appropriations for programs from supporting democracy and human rights.

"Our homeland is trying to kill the South American support for democracy once and for all" — says Julia Ioffe in the title of the article for The New Republic.

The head of "Voices" Lily Shibanov sees in the current news about the closing of USAID new step in the coming of democracy in RF. "If it is true that the last term on the 1st of October then, it seems, the government is in a hurry to shut us down before regional elections to be held on October 14" — leads her world edition.

"When they found a" spy stone ", then began to find" foreign support. "Then, many sponsors have refused to work with us, but we survived. Nibudt We'll think of something" — quoted the director of Transparency International in Russia Lena Panfilova creator.

"The Kremlin has made the most dramatic attack on U.S. efforts to build democracy in Russia since the collapse of the Russian Union" — so says The Wall Street Journal the decision to close the unit USAID.

The move was a blow to the "reset" which forced the leading Republican on the U.S. authorities to claim a strong response. "This decision also brings Russia to the list of states such as Egypt, whose favorites, litsezrev mess at home, they put the blame on him for the United States-funded programs from building democracy" — note the creators of articles Kullison Allan and Keith Johnson.

"This is a very bad sign, — said to RIA" Announcements "Lily Shibanov, director of the association" Voice. "- This is our main tools that were given to the observation of the elections. Necessary to say that in a world strongly enough funds to finance the election observation . "

"For many organizations, it will be a severe blow — said Lena Panfilov, head of the Russian branch of Transparency International, receiving a significant portion of the funding from USAID. — There are plenty of activities in the RF, which no longer supports — the protection of human rights, the rights of prisoners. Russian finance their little ".

"This shameful to share Russian government should cause strong criticism at the highest level in a white house and in the State Department," — said the South American Republican Senator John McCain.

State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland refrained from criticizing the address in the Kremlin, saying that it was "a sovereign decision" of.

"Will the Obama rebuffed by insults from Putin?" — This question in light of the news of the closure of USAID in Russia is given by the director of Freedom House, David J. Kramer, in an article for The Washington Post.

Decision Kremlin to end the activities of the U.S. Agency for international growth in their own country — just another sign of the unfavorable for human rights in Russia, the said creator. From May practiced broad crackdown on civilian society and the opposition, he explains.

The decision by the Obama administration's request to end the activities of USAID Putin in Russia — "unquestioning capitulation," says Kramer. In his view, Washington should "force Putin in public expel USAID, to which he may be, would not go." The consent of the Obama administration's request to Moscow — "betrayal and demoralization of Russian society, a terrible precedent," warns the creator.

Kramer advises the U.S. "in public and at the highest level" to claim that Putin gave up his own "campaign against NGOs" and "together with the Russians to challenge other problematic laws passed this summer." "Western favorites, and not officials, should surely speak out against Putin's persecution" — concludes the creator.

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