Commissar, political officers, and as before — the commissars

Creator of the title is unknown. But in the vast web in various forums, the topic is constantly rising, and discussions are in utter fervor. Apparently, it has become painful! Let us look at some facts and analyze, because of what the fuss is. Commissars will not touch, and turn to the new stories. Until September 1991, it was clear to the political officer is zampolit. But after … Instead of a political officer entered assistant commander for educational work. And with over 1992 Prof. training teachers in military schools.

It can be noted that the system of military education has been destroyed. But still deeper. For some reason specifically with the loss of political workers of the Institute in the 90s blossom bind hazing. I think that this is a controversial thesis. And until the 90s there was hazing. It's just that the media does not have the ability to open a discussion this dilemma. The concept of the sacred duty of serving the Fatherland actually posted. The main award of the youth now — "hang" from the army. The army began to slowly degrade.

Only 10 years later, in 2002, was recognized as a bug and military universities was introduced specialty "officer-educator. "

In the middle of the issues discussed in society, there are:

— who goes to school policy? Fans of either the outstanding representatives of youth?
For officers there is a perception that political workers do make your own clan and it is constantly replenished by the graduate schools. Officers! And remember — what do you know about the army, on the statutes, for political work, when greenish applicants passed the entrance exam in the camps. Did unit. Did they have any knowledge of these had the opportunity to get on heritage. Well, then! These theoretical knowledge is not allowed to have a complete picture of the future. Because it can be argued that politfaki schools were simply young people are not fans and the outstanding representatives. Simply, those who have something, somewhere heard, or maybe the competition was less. Yes, there is not a lot for any reason.

And the rest of the experience of going out and coming out, as well as the officers commanding and engineering, particularly in the implementation of multi-functional obligations. Next to opytneyshemi officers. Specifically, in a conversation with opytneyshemi officers appeared and there are distortions in the awareness of reality.

 had to personally meet decent people in the middle of political officer / caregivers?
Hitherto among commanding officers stroll discussion that zampolit did not do anything and do not do. What's in the military service do not understand. In the political officer of the Strategic Missile Forces missile regiment in the order of mandatory take an examination for admission to independent duty and intrudes on the database the number one fighting crew. In defense the same picture. So in other military branches is the same. How are the facts?

Here is what the officer S.Ivannikov: "Yes, my specialty deputy commander of a separate company on the radar of educational work, and combat schedule all training officers, as well as me, took at least some military post, which need to be filled. I have so far failed to work, for example, the operator of the PPI on 19zh6 ".

Or here's Guard soldier writes M. "On our zampolit no annoying nicknames can not remember. Adult, appearance does not heroic, rising just below average. Never us nothing "took out". Upon verification (in a year) and took us just ran 10km, although he could not run, not what the company commander, platoon — we were never ran, always engaged in themselves ".

 commissar wear uniforms, insignia, and what is their role, responsibility, conscience, honesty?
Writes them to graduate GPAs. Lenin, officer Bedros Nersessian: "Where the head of the compounds was an intelligent, educated commander and political officer there found the right place. And the fact that in the middle of political workers met dishonest officers, are not political workers did not fall from the moon. They are out of our darling with all the evils of society. In general, as well as commanders and militiamen. Changing the status of political officer feel a profound mistake. It was necessary to radically reform the institution, but not indiscriminately crush everything. Happy Anniversary WPA pochetaemye colleagues. I have the honor ". Since it is impossible to disagree.

Or here's another. Has been writing young officer A.Terebinov: "The commander of forces do, and explains the political officer of the fighter, for which it is needed. If the commander can not force — it is bad. If a person does not realize what he is doing something — is not better. Commander will always be. And the people who will interpret the need to faithfully and honestly to do their own debt? ". Is not it just! And an officer of the last generation. Ok, that among young officers there are responsible people.

Here's the expression of another officer: "And there were honest political workers ploughmen, who did not spare his own tummy, these charges are made. But …. Here reverence used are not the ones who shaped as letters according to the statutory obligations political officer "directed, strengthened, devoted its attention and stepped up," and so on, and those who did these duties on the principle of "do as I do." And if 100% of political workers were on this principle, the institution of the political agencies would not have fallen overnight for his own uselessness in the early 90's, as would be needed …. ". This expression has the right to exist.

But the head of the political outlook of surface-to-air defense missile regiment, a graduate of the WPA them. Lenin Matveychuk Valeria: "I do not need right now in the Armed Forces Institute of supervisors, engineers conspiratorial under soldiers' and officers shower.

But the true engineers of human souls oh as needed and this role will be to do well representatives of religious denominations. "

General expressions are members of disputes related to this article — on both sides act offended. The creator of these lines also had a bad experience with the political officers at the level of deputy head of the political department. But this fact does not give the right to transfer indiscriminately bad experience at all political workers. Just like in the middle of the commanders and engineers, in the midst of political workers have been, are and will be different people, flesh and blood of a product of society. Society. That's where the base.

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