Compression right fist will help improve memory


Those people who have "lame" memory can take advantage of simple trick, recommended by the American scientists from the University of Montclair.

The researchers argue that the compression of the right fist helps to remember a long list of words. A contraction of the left promotes recovery of information captured in the short-term memory of man. According to scientists, these simple movements stimulate areas of the brain that is responsible for storing and retrieving memories.

A group of volunteers consisting of 51 people, have offered to memorize a list of 72 words and then try to play them. But before you start remembering, participants twice 45 seconds strongly compressed in a fist small rubber ball. The same steps are repeated before the recall memorized information they provide.

In this case, all the subjects were divided into five groups — the first group right fist clenched in front of memorizing words and before removing them from the memory, the second — left fist clenched in both cases, the third group of people — clenched right fist in front of remembering and left — in front of a memory, and the fourth — on the contrary. The control group simply held the ball in his hand.

as it turned out, the best results have shown the volunteers, compress right fist in memorizing and remembering words left for. They were able to remember almost all the information provided on the screen. Slightly worse was zapominanaie volunteers were compressed in a fist just right. The other showed a very bad memory.

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