Dead love us and wait, but asked not to rush

No one probably will not be remembered after nearly a century after the death of the Greek writer neznamenitogo Dimitrokopulo if he did not publish a new, previously unknown novel by Victor Hugo. And the French, the Greeks had no chance to own. Then how texts?

From the Hugo assured Dimitrokopulo. Personally, he did not compose them, but only recorded in a state of trance. Roguish Greeks have long tried to expose his ignorance especially French. But first fell in confusion "gyugovedy": techniques for building plot, literary style, even the nuances of language — all true. Finally silenced the skeptics when, during one of the sessions of the indwelling mediumistic trance Greek photographed. On the print next to the writing Dimitrokopulo resurfaces translucent figure of Victor Hugo.

The described case is not unique. XIX, enlightened age, as it turns out, first of all, was the century of mediumship. The number of people who have tried to communicate with the information who left this world reached 50 million. This is the same amount of research, make sure that the dead did not disappear without a trace. Literature on the scientific evidence of reality beyond the world, the thousands of volumes. The problem, of course, is that the belief in the existence of the light failed to convince others, rather, did not create a strictly scientific methods of indisputable evidence. But millions spent and thousands of experiments, described in detail in the darkness just gullible can not be attributed. Seer Alan Davis issued a large number of philosophical works, highly regarded by his contemporaries. But not many know that the profession Davis — cobbler.

And even that is too strong a word: uneducated and obviously not able to even just training, he remained an apprentice. Not up to the cobbler, but became famous as a philosopher. However, this honest man was not exaggerating own merit, confessing: "I only tool for writing." In general, in the annals of mediumship huge number of cases, the level of knowledge, awareness, education caused by the connection of the spirit is immeasurably higher than the people associated with him. Moreover, Ruth Brown wrote musical pieces by Liszt and Beethoven did not know musical notation.

But musicologists confused silent, seeing not only is excellent, previously unknown works, but getting to know the style of these composers. And how do you not able to draw a medium, which in the course of the session in the dark creates paintings, two at once — one right, the other left hand! Delicately put tricks fooling gullible, read the information from the subconscious of those present? There are, of course, and such cases. They, and give rise to exposure. But a lot of instances of fraud have no place. Deceased father dreamed in the same night her daughter and son. In both dreams, he complains, wolves dug his grave. Brother and sister are thrown to the cemetery and saw the damaged burial, and the snow — the traces of wolves.

"No need to hurry"

Vsevolod Mikhailovich Zaporozhets — a man honored in Science: Ph.D., Geophysics, many years studying geomorphological patterns. This fact of his biography refers to someone thought to the other world may believe either crazy or ignorant. This scholar is not just believe — he received a huge amount of evidence. Having lost a quarter of a century ago beautiful wife and languishing inconsolable grief, he kept thinking, where she sees you, hears me?

Consoling friends and church sermons was little, I wanted to make sure irrefutable: it has not disappeared completely. Not being a gifted psychic, Vsevolod Mikhailovich began to search among friends of those who are able to communicate with the world. For fifteen years, those were no more than fifty. Scientists find no end and improve the method of experiments aiming at increasing the undisputed evidence. A particular problem was always check for interference. For example, automatic writing (when being in a trance medium writes or draws "dictation") is very impressive for being there, but error-correcting unstable. Hence, there is always a reason for skeptics to accept the results. More than five hundred sessions conducted with the dead in the apartment Vsevolod Mikhailovich. In former times, the Marxist-Leninist — clandestinely, secretly.

And in today's liberal — quietly: research scientist laurels underworld will bring. Evidence of cases — a huge set. "I was told today that you were in church. Done!" — Sends out a deceased spouse dearly beloved husband. He really was in the church today. What on previous sessions begged wife.

And then, on the experimental conditions, the current medium is not known. Who told her? Wish to quickly connect to a widower in a better world, he receives an objection: "No need to hurry, it's very sad about the earthly life. Live, as God will give you. You can not hurry God can become angry for that." And in fact, there is the worst of all suicides: According to the dead, those who willfully broke the gift of God, in the throes nedozhity spend time and only then attached to the quiet life of a happy afterlife.

Connected afterlife bullies

In that world there is no war, no sickness or old age, or physical deformities. True, there is no sex, but love remains, including married. Information from there is not a dark and terrible. But not only radiant pastel.

It also has its own sense of humor, his jokes, his bullies. Many mediums, including strangers to each other, constantly run up against "the Other radiohuligana" Zhenya. He often breaks in communication, forcing the called. Eugene, according to the received texts, inveterate slob, ham and ribald. Women mediums, translating his remarks, not just out of the trance state, making it difficult to say it out loud zaboristye words. Jack, apparently, is in hell. And then complains about his afterlife unenviable fate, that boasts: "In hell, well — every bastard here, but they are funny."

However, he often contradicts himself. Then the question of why, in contrast to other, Jack does not work, admits: "I was retarded." Then give the game away: "My work — for you to follow." However, according to Vsevolod Mikhailovich, over the years, even the replica Gene became less boorish and vulgar. There, according to the scientist, there is no struggle between good and evil, as persuades church. On the contrary, there is a constant evolution, spiritual perfection. Dead and then move from one spiritual formation at a higher level. Therefore, in the next world not everyone is able to communicate with each: living on different "stories" are not available to each other. 94-year-old Vsevolod Mikhailovich, speaking of impending death, smiling dreamily: "Happily looking forward to meeting with his beloved wife." Waiting, but not in a hurry — he knows that it is impossible.

Daniel Countryman

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