Death of fish in the Gulf of Cheboksary

In Cheboksary reservoir Bay massively dying fish. In small polynyas near the boat station is literally littered with all its bottom. Dozens of fishes lie in icy slush on the surface, until they become prey to crows.

The first alarm sounded bloggers. Photos from the fish kill appeared on LiveJournal. , Described his impressions Internet user, "Given that at this point the depth of about five feet, and the water in the winter becomes more transparent, you can imagine how many fish gathered there, just do not see a light sand." One of the bloggers called environmentalists and officials.

Ilgachev Alexander, head of the branch of the Chuvash State Organization "Srednevolzhrybvod": "there is a complaint to the territorial bodies of the republic rybohrany on the death of fish in the Gulf of Cheboksary. Now here came employees of rybohrany, environmental agencies and prosecutors' Srednevolzhrybvod. "

Initial examination revealed? about 90 percent of the dead fish — perch. But there are ruffs. However, the water curls and surviving flocks. The most likely cause of death of fish experts believe asphyxia, anoxia. The problem is not the first year.

Anatoly Maksimov, "This is from the beginning of construction of the bays there. In the first place, of course, killing perch and ruffs, because they are very sensitive to oxygen. It did not provide for a bit of land reclamation. It was necessary to take into account that will not be enough oxygen in the winter. "

Experts offer to do on the Bay Lane? hole the size of two by two meters. Can also be served here and the water. It is inexpensive, also help save the fish, which to a large size is practically grows. And this time, it killed a lot.

Ilgachev Alexander, head of the branch of the Chuvash State Organization "Srednevolzhrybvod": "The death is significant. Per square foot to nearly 300 individuals perch. Size range of about 10-12 inches. "

Anatoly Maksimov, chief ichthyologist Chuvash branch of State Organization "Srednevolzhrybvod": "We can see that this yearling. He does not grow, dies from year to year. "

Experts recognize and environmental aspect of the incident? deceased fish decomposes, deteriorating water quality. But the final conclusions will be made only after the laboratory tests.

Dmitry Sharov, Vadim Vladimirov, Alexander Yakovlev

STRC "Chuvashia"

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