Decline of the West

Playful, massively growing crisis in the United States, which has become a very global and the rise of new markets means that formed the redistribution of geopolitical forces to form a new world order. The most important driving forces in this process — it is the task of economic and social mores that are growing in the advanced industrial countries of the West. In addition, this upheaval in almost all countries of OPEC, and the BRIC countries (Brazil, our motherland, India, China) emerging as leaders of the world economy. Many international organizations are not able to solve the problems of our time more perfectly. Available at the moment geostrategic changes occur in the form of crises conventional structures and alliances that include NATO and the European Union, their configuration more sprawl in the interests of the former allies.

The catalyst for the collapse of the ancient awareness is a long cash crisis in Western countries. Which is now in such a form that their municipal debts prepyadstviya very aggravated. World's financial markets experiencing at that moment a giant nervousness associated with the slowdown in the global economy, subject to the fears associated with an increased risk of defaults of many Western countries have adopted a broad distribution. In the main this is due to the development of the situation in the EU and the U.S..

German Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schaeuble warned in a secret letter to management of the Euro Central Bank that the new financial difficulties of Greece made a "threat of bankruptcy" in the euro zone. The content of this confidential letter, which was not created for publication, it became clear the public on June 8 in the EU due to leakage of disk imaging, which took place in the German media.

Schaeuble in his own letter, which addressed the head of the ECB Jean-Claude Trichet, said that the EU is on the verge of becoming the first real fact of bankruptcy eurozone. He says about sovereign debt restructuring in Greece. The fact that Berlin wants to achieve the role of private banks, increasing the salvation of the monetary system in Greece, it was clear from the letter sent Schaeuble. He believes that they should take some of the losses on itself. Private holders of Greek bonds, notes the German financier, will have to wait another 7-NIL years before will get their deposits back.

The ECB, in turn, is very tough against debt restructuring in Greece. As stated by a member of the Board of Directors of Lorenzo Bini Smaghi, Athens now have liquid assets at 300 billion euros, but says it's not about any bankruptcy of the country. Because experts at this area expect harsh confrontations in Berlin and the ECB associated with further ways of Greece's exit out of this financial crisis.

Prepyadstviya is not just in the monetary system in Greece. Not so long ago, many U.S. congressmen were in favor of "short-term default" in Washington on his duties. Knows how to Reuters, the Republican Party, led by a Senator of Minnesota — Tim Polentli, who proposed his candidacy for the 2012 presidential elections in the past month, according to the U.S. technical default necessary in order to force the Obama administration "to begin to engage seriously questions to repay debt and municipal deficits. "

Now the level of public debt evenly begins to approach the limit at 14 trillion dollars, which was established by the legislation. This level of debt is to be achieved until the 2nd of August, so said the U.S. Treasury, and then the U.S. government will be in a situation of "technical default" because not be able to pay all debts in full.

August 15 to effect payment of the debt Minfonom United States, which amounts to 25.6 billion dollars. Chairman of the bank "Bank of America" — Merrill Lynch said that if before August 2 South American Congress does not raise the level of public debt, in this case the United States will be defaulted.

Despite this, most experts assume that even the short-term U.S. default could cause a severe depreciation of the dollar. They believe that as a result of the economy will strengthen, designate on the now, trend growth rate to fall.

After learning about the probability of default, followed by a very strong reaction in China, which said that such a move could undermine the position of the dollar. Advisor of the Central Bank of China Li Daokuy noted that the U.S. "playing with fire" when considering the option of "short-term default on its debt"
The rating agency in China, "Dagong" accusation put forward by the United States over the fact that there is a large Washington defaulting on its debts. According to the views of the U.S. Agency for its Chinese loans have gained themselves a default, allowing for depreciation of the dollar compared to other currencies, this is the union of creditors, China also comes one of them. The largest fund in China vkladyvatelny SAFE says that China needs to leave the South American holdings.

Cash crisis has affected the economies of the Western States, and has worked on a strategy for defense and security. The Alliance is going through a very not ordinary times. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gayts, speaking on June 10 in Brussels, where he met the defense ministers of NATO, read that at this moment is under the threat of NATO transformation in worthless group of countries, while many European member states are experiencing tremendous difficulties in the field of money and a small degree of support NATO operations in Libya.

Gates warned, "Unless there any configuration in the campaigns of Europe, NATO, as military education, waiting for quite a miserable future. " He believed that NATO has developed inside the two-tier system, where a certain group of countries in Europe (UK, Netherlands, France, Denmark) are doing in Libya, "the main work" when others "holed up behind the leaders."

Commenting on the speech of the Minister of Defense, the British "Financial Times" saw that the "diminishing enthusiasm of the European Union to the cost of money to ensure the safety causes severe anxiety in Washington."

First, the U.S. is concerned with 2 things:

• Available cash crisis Evrsoyuza led to the fact that markedly reduced defense spending of member countries, there has been incorporated and England. According to statistics, over the past 2 years costs have been reduced to 45 billion euros, is equated with the German defense budget. As a result, the United States, the costs have increased many times over.

• Washington dissatisfied with the cost of available funds. Although the overall defense spending of European NATO countries are making a year of 300 billion euros, but it's not great enough for the reason that genuine co-ordination and co-operation are not available. So, in the EU there are 21 military Worf, compared with 3 that are available in the U.S.. The EU has around 89 different programs on arms, unlike the U.S., which — 27. The EU has 11 tank programs in the United States — two. But the particular desire to bring together the combined facilities and resources in the EU does not appear.

As a result of which the EU countries have also lost almost all samples of joint and that would constitute effective in military operations in Libya. Now the European Union is increasingly a pack of talk about the fact that without the return of the United States on the first place of military operations against the Gaddafi regime Europeans do not achieve victory of NATO in Libya.

In addition, Robert Gates told that the U.S. military will not be as big in the coming what are at present moment and lose some op
portunities in the confrontation bolshennomu number of calls in different parts of the world. U.S. withdrawal from the art security systems perhaps the only sure method in order to assure that the government of the EU is that they increment defense spending inside NATO knows "Financial Times". "In his speech, Gates in Brussels has undergone review specifically the threat." — Added the newspaper.

Some countries have already felt inside NATO's newest emerging trend and try to find a more perfect way in this situation. May 12 defense ministers of the Visegrad Group (united tsentralnoevropeskih four countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary), it was decided to develop a "military structure" of countries which commanded Poland. After a week in the next series of closed briefings that were held vyshegrodskoy group in analytical circles of strongest NATO nations began debate over the military structure that can make a different geo-political situation in the west of Russia.

According to the plans Vyshegorodskoy fours, it was announced that 2010 will be created "battle group", which is to manage Warsaw. It will be independent and enter the command structure of NATO fails. Since the beginning of 2013 participated in Vyshegorodskoy groups will conduct a yearly joint military exercises in the middle of the available forces of the NATO Response frisky.

Specialists noted that the basis of currently available 4 States that belong to NATO and the European Union are very fundamental geopolitical assumptions that are caused by the configuration of the eastern part of the contingent situation in Europe.

• Analysts say happened inside a fundamental change in the situation of, when consolidated political power. Because Moscow was able to increase its own economic and military power and strengthening its presence in the former Russian republics.

• At this time of crisis associated with the money the European Union, at a time when Germany can tell impose their recipes to the crisis small EU countries. It basically shaken confidence Eastern European EU countries in their future. In the end, what they are trying to find an opportunity to resist pressure from the big EU states and priemuschestvenno Germany, which seek to cooperate with Russia all the more deeply and more deeply.

Western diplomats said that the main decisions related to the establishment of their independent military structure were a reaction to the countries of Eastern Europe to the new trends in the European Union and NATO. A special role is acquired by Germany, it is expressed in an effort to Berlin and Paris in a certain way in expanding cooperation with Russia, as well as decreases the ability and desire U.S. participation in military operations beyond its borders.

At this point, consider the question of what would be invited to the "hit squad" of the country Vyshegorodskoy Four of Ukraine, according to the available disk imaging. But analysts west they say that Kiev is unlikely to agree to such criteria to accept offers to participate in the defense structure, which is oriented against Russia.

It is already clear that the monetary crisis that has developed in the United States and in 2008 became a global irreversibly undermined the international and economic positions in the West and began the process of easing geopolitical western states.

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