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Eye opener was made at a place in Moscow 15th Scientific UFO conference managed to decipher the strange signal «Wow!», The resulting radio observatory at Ohio State University (USA), August 15, 1977. More than 34 years the message remains unsolved. The meaning of the decoded signal does not speak in favor of the earthlings.

Reply from space

The report of his discovery made by Russian researchers Yuri Grigoriev and Anna Azhazha. They managed to prove that the recorded signal «Wow!» Has allegedly unearthly origin and is sort of a test for the people. He was sent by someone from outer space in a reasonable response to the well-known radio message earthlings, carried out with a radio telescope near the Puerto Rican town of Arecibo November 16, 1974.

At present, this is the largest radio telescope in the world. Here the observatory of the National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center USA, and from there in the direction of star clusters M13 Hercules was given a radio signal. Post lasted 169 seconds, wavelength — 12.6 cm authors messages were American astronomers Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. It consisted of 1,679 numbers that were in binary coded key data about the Earth's civilization. Including information about the person and the population of the Earth, about the DNA of humans, the structure of the solar system, as well as other important information. To decode it, unknown recipients had to know the meaning of the binary code that is widely used in computer technology in the world.

This message is triggered when a wave of public debate. Many scientists doubt that it can ever be deciphered by anyone. In fact, it was a test of reasonableness for hypothetical aliens.

However, a signal poshumeli and forgotten. However, the answer seems to still come — after two years and nine months. For the operator Observatory in Ohio received signal was so unexpected that he signed him shouting «Wow!» («Wow» — Russian "Wow!"). Under this name, and the signal was captured in the history of the "Programme for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence" (SETI) as still not deciphered. Now the uncertainty can be removed.

A few words about the authors discovered. Yuri Grigoriev and his wife Anna Azhazha, by the way, the daughter of the world-renowned researcher, ufologist VG Azhazha, are full members of the Academy of Applied informatsiologicheskoy and ufology, and about twenty years to the study of the UFO problem and the search for extraterrestrial civilizations. Their scientific priority — the study of ancient texts with the use of a comparative analysis of their symbolic language. Here, Russian scientists took a deep knowledge in various fields of linguistics, cryptography and symbolism. In Russia, a group of "Heritage" open "linguistic code of the Holy Scriptures," by which identified "One symbolic language of global culture." Young scientists are confident in the prospects of his scientific method deciphering ancient texts and their interpretation of the signal «Wow!» — A very important proof of its effectiveness.

"In the beginning was the Word …"

The signal is "Wow" consists of a set of characters 6EQUJ5 and, at first glance, nothing extraordinary is not speaking.

— With years of experience in the study of symbolic information — scientists say — we are interested in one signal, "Wow" and were quite surprised that if it contains clues to decipher it, he still remained unexplained.

— We hypothesized that a combination of numbers and letters in the signal — it's likely, alpha-numeric code and it can be recognized — says Grigoriev of the beginning of the road to solving the meaning of the message. — Judging by the small number of characters that make up the signal, it is clear that behind them is just one word. What?

The first hint analyzed the "message of Arecibo." In fact, its prologue designed to teach an alien binary code — the language the message was a test of their wits. It was logical to assume the answer in such a building. Proof of this was the presence of the signal 6EQUJ5 letter «Q» — the most direct clue to the acronym IQ («IQ"), meaning the Intelligence Quotient (IQ). Another hint was given a transcription of the letter E as i, and then the English abbreviation IQ was read completely transparent. But then the numbers 65 of the signal in accordance with the serial numbers of letters of the Russian alphabet also form the word "test"! After that, it became clear to scientists that earthlings are tested.

— Ease of reading and natural meaning of the main messages can be calculated act of friendly aliens toward earthlings — says Anna. — Objective — as to facilitate the search of encoded information. We appreciated it and went on with enthusiasm.

It was found that the signal is applied several different alphabets: English, Russian, and even Burmese, who make up on writing his letters can be called a mirror. So, write the number "six" in the signal can be easily transformed into the word "test" if the mirror to turn the letter "w".

Another concept of correspondence English abbreviations IQ was found in the German alphabet. The value of the letter «J» to set 6EQUJ5 in the German alphabet is read as «yot», Russian, or "y". Consequently, the characters read from the end of «JUQ» in the set 6EQUJ5 in Russian transcription read as "second-Q", which is "IQ". Again the familiar IQ!

Such erudition author of the Epistle to the knowledge of the languages of the earth delighted researchers. After all, as a result of the word "test" was duplicated in a short signal in seven different versions! As they say, do not want, and you'll understand. However, for this people still took more than thirty years. Of course, the response signal we also checked for reasonableness. After writing the same word or concept several times, according to the rules of cryptography, should serve as earthlings compelling fact that the resulting "Wow Signal" is the artificial nature.

Doubts about the random characters in the signal fell away one by one. It became clear that the alphanumeric set of "Wow Signal" is a multi-level redundant recording of one of the important concept — a test for the level of intelligence IQ. This repeatability talked about the wisdom of the signal. In addition, the inclusion of links to different languages gave a hint that the signal can be fraught with additional information. The researchers went on.

The icons in Hampshire

There should digress.

August 20, 2001 in the grain field in the English county of Hampshire, near the village Chimbolton overnight started drawing with a strange substance. The field is likely to be chosen by chance. It adjoins the observatory, and that showed up near the main telescope mysterious icon. Scientists have dubbed it the "binary code". It is very much like a "message of Arecibo." We have answered?

Yuri and Anna managed to find a correlation signal, "Wow," received an American radio observatory in Ohio with this icon.

— You remember what has caused a stir in the world of this figure on the field? — Continues to Yuri G.. — Declare his prank pranksters did not work — was too complicated pattern. But to take the icon for the message aliens no one has officially decided not to. The earth science stubbornly denies the existence of other civilizations in the universe.

Deciphering the "binary code" engaged in independent research center unexplained phenomena (England). On closer examination it turned out that the differences of the world's message is still there.

What's the difference?

In chilboltonskom "binary code" DNA graphically represented differently. According to experts of the Center, it could mean that the DNA molecule "answered" contains additional components or a different number of branches of the spiral. Significantly different from each other and figure. In the earthly message is a schematic drawing of a man. But the figure of the "alien" has a disproportionately large head and short body. In addition, the changed data on the growth figures and the number of the population.

Next. In the "Arecibo message" is the third planet from the Sun, the Earth was closer to the feet of the human figure, showing the planet to settle. In chilboltonskoy icon closer to the figure of the third, fourth, and fifth of the planet. Thus the fifth most. Experts believe that as "the answer" indicated their living planet — Jupiter …

And another difference. Globe signal contains atomic number of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus as the main elements in the world. In the "binary code" has been added and the sixth element — silicon. By the way, this is consistent with the view that organic life on other worlds could exist based on silicon. Summing up the information on chilboltonskom "binary code", director of the Center for Gender Vigey at the time stressed that the icon could not be tampered with by people because of the complex structure and the specific mortgaged information.

A year later, in the same county of Hampshire near the village of Pitt found another picture. At length it was about 110 meters, a width of 76.2 m This was the "face" of the alien. It was created from the horizontal lines and the like are used in modern television "interlaced".

Conventional science has once again ignored the message. Scientists still do not believe in aliens. Since then, the content of the "field images" no longer appear. While … Science is silent on this matter all 10 years old, did not react to the message.

But why is the earth scientists alike persist in their opinion? The answer is again found in the signal 6EQUJ5.

The test of reasonableness

When decoding a signal Russian researchers became apparent that the numbers 5 and 6 are also some sort of a sense of importance. Here the logic is uncomplicated. If the signal is so insistently repeats the word "test", for those who find it, it is a test of intelligence. Then it is logical to assume that the number of 65 — an assessment of the level of intelligence aliens earthlings, especially as recognizable letter Q is an abbreviation of the word "factor" in the acronym IQ.

— So it's safe to say that the hypothetical aliens who have sent us feedback signals, assessed intelligence outpost on the level of 65 percent of the earth scale IQ, — says Yuri G.. — In mild formulation, alas, it means "maloumie." And this is the reality that people should not be offended. You just have to think about whether you can somehow fix it.

By the way, this external evaluation of mental faculties earthlings gives some answers to our questions as:

"- Why aliens are not with us go into direct contact
"- Why we do still not found
— Why do we still feel lonely in the vast universe.

However, this earthlings IQ score really means even more dismal results. This figure shows that only two percent of the world's population with an IQ corresponding maloumiyu capable, in accordance with this level somehow perceive the information from the outside. It is within this 2% is the cream of the human civilization, its progressive potential. The best. No wonder the signal remained unrecognized for 34 years! ..

Why, when a spurious scientific earthlings, and hence the overall progress of the aliens is such a low estimate of their mental abilities?

— The fact that humans confuse the concepts of learning and intelligence, taking one for the other — says Anna. — Bursaries — it acquired a man of knowledge and intelligence — the ability to assess the knowledge from the perspective of logic and analysis. A person can be a learned almost encyclopedic, but he is not able to apply this in practice erudition. When you consider that most of the population live out their days in the eternal consumer race, not raising his erudition and developing the intellect, the so-called human desire for comfortable existence actually lowers it to the border of severe maloumiya. Agree evaluating earthly humanity in 65% IQ, aliens did make us bo-Olsha discount …

Yes, technological progress itself is in no way an indicator of the evolution of mankind is not. On the contrary, apart from the understanding of the processes of the world order and questions of spirituality, it only serves to accelerate the degradation of the people. That is why, in response to "a message from Arecibo," where the binary system shows Earthman, "all power is not in the head and shoulders", the aliens depicted his head high, indicating the superiority of intellect.

All so hopeless in the exchange of information with extraterrestrial intelligence? Continuation of the dialogue depends on the ingenuity of earthlings, and last but not least — from Russia. On how the country will arrive in circumstances where it affects the Earth's message to the world that he is not alone in the universe. Hope all is still warm. So how many more years will pass before the opening of Yuri Grigoriev and Anna Azhazha really recognize scientific breakthrough?

Gennady Belimo, especially for the "AN"

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