Department of Commerce against the publication

Luninetsk independent newspaper "Inform-walk" has received a warning from the Ministry of Trade, under which the publication, contrary to the law, was placed advertising channel "Belsat".

Ministry of Trade said that violated paragraph 4 of Article 10 of the Law "On Advertising": advertising materials left without a name and account number of the payer foreign advertisers.

According to the Deputy Chief Editor Svetlana Garda, Ministry of Commerce warned the editors of the inadmissibility of improper placement of advertising:

"Back in September, Department of Commerce sent us an inquiry in which he asked to give them information about the advertisers who made television. We sent them the documents. And now they come to their senses, so to speak. The advertisement was published in several issues of the newspaper in May. This was the situation with the publication of "New Era". However, in the documents of the Ministry of Trade incorrectly stated the name of our publication. Prevention is aimed at CHPTUP "Vita-Inform", but also in Last year, we have to re-register, and now our edition is called CHPTUP "Inform-walk."

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