Deputy Defense N.Pankov responded to critics of the military reform

At the last last week event dedicated to the Russian Children's and Youth Literary and artistic works of creative competition "I remember! I'm proud of you, "State Secretary — Deputy Minister of Defense of Russian Federation N. Pankow responded to criticism of the reforms currently taking place in the army.

While talking with the children — favorites of the competition for the tea party about how important it was to win the battle of Moscow (and specifically the 70th anniversary of the Russian counter-attack troops near Moscow and was devoted to the contest), N.Pankow touched on the theme of patriotism and started talking to children about the state of contemporary Russian army. Naturally, it was said, and all neoplasms, which are introduced at this point in the Armed Forces. According to him, people often initially opposed any change, since it destroys the hardened frame. But do not be afraid of change — it's not productive. I can not stop, because the whole world is moving forward and we should give it to lag. "It is clear that the deep-rooted traditions are crumbling. But we try to consider the experience of all global armies and not stand still, develop, "- N.Pankow.

As highlighted Deputy Defense has already been a very significant changes, and there are things that simply can not fail to be aware of.

So, N.Pankow touched on military education. He noted that at present the requirements for military educational institutions have increased significantly. Previously, the number of military educational institutions under 100, about 126. According to him, of course, that any of the military budget is not enough to contain more than 100 military schools at the current level. In this regard, he stressed that in Russia managed to make a number of educational institutions, which are equal in level, not only in Russia, and even in the world yet. Namely, they are equipped with modern technology. These institutions have lost even his own classic attributes — chalk and blackboard. "We, I remember, tried to persuade the Minister of Defense," Well, let it be board, let it be chalk "because it seemed to us that without this and the school — not the school. But he said: "No." All that changed modern technology. Because, according to N.Pankova, the Russian Defense Ministry in the field of military education has made great efforts in order to improve its level and therefore Makar, the emphasis is on quality, not quantity.

Said N.Pankow and the level of modern military medicine in Russia. According N.Pankova, military medicine is at a very good level, and many are long-lived marshals specifically due to the highest level of medical care. In this regard, he even compared the senior military on the longevity of the Japanese. "We live as citizens of the country of the rising sun on the length of life," — laughing, he said. He stressed that it merits our Russian and later Russian medicine. "We have great medical centers, competitive," — he added. He added that the Minister of Defense made the decision and at the moment the design is ultra-modern military medical academy. "This is a unique institution," — he said.

He recalled also that the service of the Russian fighter facilitated the fact that he will no longer be engaged in all economic affairs, and only for specific bearing of its own service to the Motherland. He remembered about the transition to a contract army base, reducing the number of troops, making the army more mobile and small-sized, and the tremendous amount of resources that are currently allocated to equip the armed forces.

So Makarov, said N.Pankow, Russian Defense Ministry is doing everything to Russian army was one of the leading and modern armies in the world, and that there was no fear as service in the armed forces themselves have new recruits and experiences of parents for their own kids in the army.

Recall of the major malignancy in the Russian army, who said in his own address to the Federal Assembly of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. As part of its decisions modernized Russian armed forces, the troops were equipped with modern appliances and a gun. Began the transition to Prof. army. In the next year under the contract will serve 220 thousand officers and more than 180 thousand fighter and sergeants.

In the state armament program there until 2020, the emphasis is made on the new types of weapons and equipment, which are based on modern technology. With all of this most of the state defense order is already a couple of years. This significantly improves the ability of development and defense companies. They in turn have to do their job perfectly and on time.

The President recalled that, despite the difficult conditions of the crisis, our home has taken steps, allowing to make the army and navy more small-sized, mobile and combat-ready. By 2010, the number of troops reached a million people and it is possible to build a truly modern and effective armed forces. Sverhtehnologichny created a new branch — Force air and space defense. Significantly increased the intensity of operational and combat training. Not long ago, most of the exercises were held in the headquarters and on the cards, and now once a year pass exercises strategic scale, which are participating in all types and kinds of troops.

Our homeland have gained important results in the strengthening of social guarantees for servicemen. Since January 1, 2012 will increase their foreign exchange allowance almost tripled. According to the President, it is superbly change the situation in the Armed Forces. The officers received extra motivation to decent service. Changes and a real war situation of older persons. The increase in pensions from January 1, 2012, on average more than 1.6 times, it is a fundamental step in the evaluation of their awards to the Fatherland. Retired military personnel will annually increase by more than two per cent above inflation.

Also, for the first time in the history of the Armed Forces of our country we are closer to solving one of the most difficult and the most acute problems — provide military personnel the same and office accommodation. In 2009-2010. Defense has received almost 100 thousand apartments, and in 2011-2013. will be purchased for 80 thousand apartments constant rate. Entered into a contract after 2007 provided with apartments on a planned basis for savings and mortgage system. For 5 years, the number of participants exceeded 180 thousand people, and was purchased 20 thousand apartments.

By 2014, under the nominal number of troops provided a new kind of armed forces will be created special housing fund, in other words, a service fund. So Makar, the military housing problem will be solved by one hundred percent.

So sees the situation in the Armed Forces official party.

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