Deputy Defense offers to increase nuclear weapons

Anatoly Antonov, Deputy Defense Minister, giving an interview to "Kommersant" said the prospects of nuclear disarmament, deterrence and safety hazards. According to the views of Deputy Minister, the stalled talks on European missile defense could become a prerequisite out of the agreements on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms. Recall that the third version of the agreement was signed a year ago.

According to Antonov, concept Nuclear deterrence is necessary for Russia and the U.S. initiative to reduce nuclear weapons caused them to The advantage of ordinary weapons. The most modern standards of the South American guns can hit targets that previously could be killed only by nuclear weapons.

Another premise that, in the views Deputy Minister, could lead to the Russian nuclear arsenal — the unstable situation in the Middle East region. "State military doctrine provides for increasing the number of nuclear weapons consistent environment" — said Antonov.

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