Deputy Foreign Minister: Our homeland is not interested in Transnistria as a military beachhead

Our homeland not interested in Transnistria as a country to host its own armed forces, the Russian peacekeeping contingent only rescued the region from the bloodshed. In an interview with the newspaper "Kommersant" said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin.

"Our military did not come here. During the collapse of the USSR here were Russian armed forces, whose presence helped out the region from the bloodshed. And he continues to help out. The main thing is that the people of Transnistria believes Russian military and considers their presence here as a fundamental condition plaguing measured and comfortable. Brought about outside the theoretical research on the subject that Our homeland wishes to have here own outpost, have an artificial character. We do not have this intrigued. We wish that the Transnistrian problem was solved fairly, "- said Karasin.

In 1992, during the conflict between the self-proclaimed Dnestr Moldavian Republic (PMR), and Moldova in the last troops stormed the Bender. In the process of fighting killed including soldiers of the 14th Army, as volunteers who fought for the independence of Transnistria. Fight off the attack of the Moldovan army and police managed after a fight entered Russian tanks and air defense systems. Managed Operations, General Alexander Lebed. After almost a month after the fighting in Bender was signed in Moscow an agreement that virtually froze the conflict and allowed to enter the battle zone Russian peacekeepers.

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