Earths hum heard in Dzerzhinsk


On the night of 11 to 12 May at about 1:00 in the Dzerzhinsk 30 minutes Dozens of people witnessed the unexplained phenomena at this time.

This happens in many different places, regardless of the time of day: a comprehensive gnashing suddenly appears out of nowhere, filling up all around, and just as inexplicably disappears. When you realize that it's not man-made sound — is creepy.

This drone, accompanied by a metallic screech, do not compare to anything else. It's not a plane, no thunder, no car traffic. Some compare it with other metal creaking noise of jet engines, and others with a crash speeding bullet train. It is similar to hundreds of copper pipes, suddenly zagremevshih at the same time, to "the fanfare of hell." Such comparisons are given by those who have heard these sounds.

The phenomenon is observed on different continents, in almost all countries of the world. It does not bode well, horrified people and baffled researchers.

Perhaps this is a test of the newest weapons of destruction, or can be — a warning of the coming apocalypse.
Scientists are at a loss. Pinpoint the source of the sound is not yet possible. Maybe it's the planet itself requests to draw attention to themselves? Scholars such explanations are not staged.

Witnesses began to look for anomalies: perhaps something similar has already happened? Yes. These sounds had previously appeared in the Tibetan caves:

"As a child in Tibet, I've heard in the caves and unusual loud hum — said in an interview with a Buddhist Lama Ngawang Wrigley. — These are spirits that live underground, angry that a man takes what belongs to them. Spirits can be angry, and then disrupted the balance: will rage elements, the earth will tremble. "




Phenomenon is called "Cry of the Earth." Sound is recorded. Analyzed. But explain it available to the classical theories of natural science can not. There are scientific assumptions:

"The Earth's crust is made of blocks, they rub against each other, and in this place there's the noise or hum" — says a leading researcher at the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Alexei Lyubushi specializing in earthquake prediction.

Planet meanwhile, continues to moan more and more.

Member of the International Academy of geological problems Stenvill Professor Martin suggested that the strange sounds may be related to the forthcoming change of the magnetic poles of the Earth. Progressive theory of change of the magnetic field of the earth is supported by the fact that at the time of the appearance of the buzz compass to rotate in all directions.

Another of the theories says about changing vibrations. Back in school, we have heard about the "frequency of the noise," or "Schumann Resonance", with the phase of 7.5 Hz. Each molecule on Earth, all living things — vibrates at a certain frequency. Over the past two thousand years, these values have not changed. But about 20 years ago, these frequencies have begun to increase. This is indicated by both scientists and advocates of mysticism: the closer we get to December 2012, the quicker vibration. By the end of the year it will reach 40 Hz.

As we all know, a person can hear sound from 20 to 20,000 Hz. So can we hear that same rate of evolution?

But, be that as it may, the scientists agree that this entire buzz — on purpose. The planet warns us about something. The only question is — Do we have time to understand — what is it?

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