Earths magnetic poles can change quickly

That is a rate of one degree a week. Authoritative scientific journal "Geophysical Research Letters», Geophysical Research Letters, accepted for publication by a group of researchers report that contains the results.

Counted as scientists previously, the field changes its orientation at approximately two hundred thousand years — is the theory and practice are not the same, because last change recorded 780,000 years ago. More precisely reverses the orientation of the magnetic field of the Earth. The magnetic field is created in the motion of the liquid metal core of the planet, conducting electricity. Recently, in 1995, the year, the group has provided evidence that this process can be much faster.

Keepalive magnetic field based on the following in certain geological formations. Some contain magnetizable particles that accept the characteristics of the field, respectively. Exploring the lava rocks in North America, researchers found that once the change of poles could be several orders of magnitude faster than today. For example, at one stage of the shift characteristics of the field to change it at 6 degrees per day. Other studies show the others, but also a very high rate at which previously could change Earth's magnetic field.

Now planet's magnetic field is weakening, and in the near future, scientists expect to change its characteristics. Of course, it will not be as fast as in ancient times — when the Earth was not yet a reasonable life for which it can be dangerous.

Author: Vladimir Bolshakov

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