Ecologists define closed in 2013 for the development of areas in the Arctic

Environmentalists in 2013 to identify areas of the Russian Arctic, which must be closed for commercial development in order to protect marine mammals living there, the director of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Russia Igor Chestin.

"Our task is to take place in 2013 zoning of the Arctic. We close now processing the data that were collected in 2012 for the dissemination of marine mammals. Based on these data, we propose to introduce a formal zoning, including the definition of zones closed to some activities, "- said Chestin RIA Novosti.

Pechora and Kara seas

According to program manager for Environmental Policy gas sector WWF Russia Alexei Knizhnikov closed to commercial development should be first zone in the Pechora and Kara seas.

"When we began to examine closely the situation with the Atlantic walrus, we made sure that all the parameters in the Pechora Sea is a large part of the area to be closed to such risky activities as oil production and transportation of oil. By Kara Sea is a preliminary understanding that the eastern part of the New Earth is a very valuable site coastline and waters for Atlantic walrus and polar bear, "- said Knizhnikov RIA Novosti.

The expert said that the level of knowledge about habitat Arctic mammals is inadequate and requires further research.

Arctic nature

In the Russian Arctic to be a special regime of natural resources, said program coordinator for Environmental Law WWF Russia Ekaterina Khmeleva.

"The State Duma is currently a bill on the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation. Unless he is even ready for the first reading of the bill and all the options that we have seen, do not take into account the environmental characteristics and the fragility of the region. Therefore, these features need to be included in a bill" — said Khmeleva RIA Novosti.

In this Chestin said that the oil companies in 2013 may begin drilling in the Arctic.

Previously Director WWF, summing up the year, noted that oil and gas companies, in 2012, to postpone the implementation of the projects in the Arctic, in fact, agree with the view of environmentalists who believe that at present they are not ready for oil in challenging arctic terms.

Ecologist noted that the development of gas fields in the Arctic for Russia is impractical in terms of food security. He cited the case of fishing, noting that 80% of this business in Russia today is in North Sea, in particular, the Barents, Bering and Okhotsk, where just seek oil and gas companies.

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