Economist Leonid Zaika Alexander Lukashenko about the program: It's agitation

State-owned newspapers have put the program of Alexander Lukashenko

"December 19th we will have to make a responsible decision. We should not simply define the name of the president. We will choose the future path of development of the country, the future of his own, his family, friends and loved ones, our Belarus!

I go to the election with a firm belief in the future success of the Motherland. We managed to create a lot in recent years. We have overcome many challenges and gained invaluable experience.

Now is the time when you need to quickly move forward and achieve more. I am convinced that we are capable of it.

On the way, we have chosen realistic: do not build "castles in the air", did not change his principles! We have done the hard but necessary work for the state TOGETHER "- appeals to voters presidential candidate Alexander Lukashenko.

This is followed by sections of his program: "What we've done," "What we do" and "Our main goal." Sections described so succinctly as the intro. The first sentence of each paragraph in bold, followed by a regular font. For example: "To build 10 million square meters of housing per year. By the end of the period for each inhabitant of Belarus will be at least 28 square meters of housing per year. The level of income should allow families to buy their own homes for five years. "

Leonid Zaika

Program of Alexander Lukashenko says economist Leonid Zaika.

"We worked Lukashenko scheme zombie population that is very simple. The first — a bet on the personal charisma. Second — does not align with the other candidates, as Nekljaev or Sannikov. And the third — it's not particularly voters head to score.

I look at the entry of his program: "… Choose a future path of development of the country ". But why choose, he himself said that everything is selected.

Next: "… Did not build castles in the air ". In fact, air locks built more than enough. Relations with Russia — is a castle in the air, after which Lukashenko does not want to see in the Kremlin. There, we will not see him, say Russian experts. And so the entire program — write about the development of human potential, but I believe that no human potential we have not developed, except one: the potential of strengthening the power of bureaucrats and nomenclature.

See "What have we done": "Protect the country against burglary"… Here I agree with him, because Lukashenko has stopped privatization. But now he will sell the enterprise because of poor management and absolutely non-professional officials, which he scored from everywhere.

"We held a global crisis". The global crisis is no sharp collapse of the economies did not call, do not let the cheating mates, who wrote the text. The drop was at the level of 2-7% — and all. The only increased unemployment as a result of structural changes in the economy, which is partly positive.

The global crisis is no sharp collapse of the economies did not call. And here we have the collapse was.

And here we have the collapse was, our exports have fallen by 40%, and in Russia by 50%.

The following thesis — "You saved the village". Wow! "Today Belarus is not only his job, but has been receiving billions'. So, start getting billion from exports of milk and dairy products, but didand cows, not Alexander G. and his assistants. Just on the world market have increased the price of milk, and we now get more from the sale of dairy products than from the sale of tractors. But what about "saved the village" — that's not true. The village is not saved, she was appointed slow fading. Part of our agrarian economy gives very expensive products. I think if more open borders with Poland and Lithuania, our agricultural workers will go there for the food.

More thesis that we"We go to the top four economic reformers". Among these "reformers" such countries, it is better not to call them, so they do not call. After all, this is a third world country who are taking the first steps in the liberalization of the economy.

"Full employment"— It's like saying. 600,000 in Russia, have left our unemployed because they are not working. In general, under 1 million fled from Belarus. And no wonder. After all, if a doctor, a young professional is 330-350 thousand, then I'm sorry, this is not employment, is unemployment. We still have to go to work, you need to have anything in there, and you pay only $ 100.

"We built tens of millions of square meters …" Yes, built. But the construction of this home is the second robbery of the workers. The first robbery was when people lost money in savings banks. The second is that a square meter should cost $ 400, even 380, and it is sold at 1000-1200 dollars. Thus through the housing of people take the money out of his pocket, as it is very expensive housing. It richer officials, the nomenclature — all who hands out pieces of land. Would be better if these homes are not built — it is prefabricated houses, which will be a "cultural layer". 200 years our descendants will produce building materials from this concrete.

Section "Our main goal." Here's set a goal "Create a new image of the Belarusian economy". The very purpose — 100 powerful investment projects — is unreasonable goal. Understand "the powerful car", "powerful ship" — and what is "large investment project"? Written on the paper, in order to campaign. It is sufficient to 3-4 good investment projects promising associated with the development of our electronics, nanotechnology.

"Exports of food to 7,000,000,000" — You know, this is problematic. Ukraine here we do not allow. Ukraine is the fourth largest exporter of food. It is unlikely that we will be able to compete with them. Anyway, even in this topic talk with Yanukovych.

"To give full freedom of initiative" — All right. "Cutting taxes" — too. But why so late? If this was 1996, I would have probably liked it, but 2010 is the

If we sum up my experience — this is not a program, and agitation. May the calls of the Central Committee of the CPSU (b) in 1956 to the year. I remember the time — it's very similar. Only there are new terms — nanotechnology, the Internet — and so are all the same. "


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