Egyptian Islamists offer to demolish the pyramids


Islamists call for Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi to the demolition of the pyramids in Egypt, which, in their opinion, are the monuments of pagan culture, said "Turprom" referring to the Egyptian media.

As the "," calls for the destruction of the pyramids, "Sheikh Sunni sheikhs" and president of the National Unity of Abd al-Latif al-Mahmood. "IP Voyage" makes clear that the protection of ancient monuments acted Costa Salafi movement, which requires the government of Egypt to create a special fund to protect the pyramids from man-made and natural factors, and radical ideas. As one of the measures to protect the pyramids is proposed to cover them with wax to strip the tourists the possibility for them to climb.

It reminds FilterNews, recently in Mali ecstatic fans of Islam began to destroy the ancient city of Timbuktu, and the Afghan Taliban blew up the Bamiyan Buddhas.

The Egyptian pyramids are under the patronage of UNESCO. The organization allocates every year tens of millions of dollars for their content.

All in Egypt as of November 2008 was found 118 pyramids, said, "FederalPress." But at the mention of the phrase "the Egyptian pyramids" usually refers to the Great Pyramids, which are in Giza, near Cairo.

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